5 Takeaways from #Womma's School of WOM: Day 1

By Sida Li Every year WOMMA, the Word of Mouth Marketing Association, holds a conference called the School of WOM. The primary goal of the conference is to share ideas on the art and science of making brands talkable, searchable, and recommendable. Some of the best minds in word of mouth and social media marketing hold sessions ranging from workshops to case studies of successful campaigns. Some of the sessions I attended included a keynote address by Brian Solis, a workshop introducing word of mouth marketing by Ted Wright, and a brand session led by 5iveCanons and Chick-fil-A. Here are some of my key takeaways from the first day:

1: Not all fans/followers/subscribers are of equal worth to a brand. True influencers aren't motivated by discounts or free offers; they will purchase a product at full price and recommend their friends do the same. Think about this the next time you set a fan count target.

2: There is a difference between "online" consumers and "social" consumers. Online consumers will seek out information on the web, whereas social consumers will use social media to ask for advice and wait for information to come to them. You have to be proactive in social media - don't wait for the consumer to come to you!

3. You can lose fans and followers as quickly as you can gain them. Some of the top reasons for unlikes and unfollows include posting too frequently, posting too much “marketing spam,” and not providing enough tangible value.

4. Inspiration comes from sharing your knowledge with others, not from withholding information. School of WOM is a huge melting pot of marketers from different backgrounds. Even though your competition might be in the same room, I’ve noticed that there is always an open and honest exchange of information that takes place.

5: If you have privacy concerns on Facebook, type everything in pig latin! Facebook won't be able to recognize the words.

Have you been to a social media conference this year? What was your biggest takeaway? Share your thoughts in the comments below!