5 Ways to Get a Job in Social Media

By Claudia Titolo

Graduation day is right around the corner! The excitement is in the air, your parents are shaking your hand and looking at you with pride in their eyes. Now what? I’m sure most of you are happy to just take a breather and enjoy the little time you have to relax. I’m also sure that no matter what beach you’re on, your future is predominantly on your mind.


If you didn’t intern while in college, there is still hope for you. As much as you can wish for a job to fall into your lap, you’re going to be expected to have some experience. The great thing about Social Media is that not everyone has experience. The guy in the suit, ready to interview you for your big job in Social Media, is probably going to learn more from you once you get there. So, an internship at a great Social Media agency will give you enough experience to get you moving on the right track.

Maybe I’m a little biased, but I definitely recommend interning at Likeable Media. That’s where I started a whole three years ago. Don’t take internships for granted. They’re there to teach you, help you to find a job, but above all, potentially give you a job.


As much as we social media nerds hate to say it, anyone can really be a social media nerd. All you have to do is read. There are hundreds of blogs out there that want to share their experiences in social media and keep the world updated on what’s new.  While you’re looking for a job, it’s pretty safe to say that you’ll have some time on your hands. So, take that time to become a social media expert.

Here are some great blogs you should start reading now:

Likeable Media


Tech Crunch

Social Media Examiner

All Facebook

Inside Facebook

Facebook's Blog

Stand out!

Utilize everything you’ve read and everything you’ve learned to stand out in the clutter that is social media. Just like with any job opening, there are dozens of candidates that are qualified for the position. So, why are you, a recent college graduate, going to be their final choice? Well my friends, that’s what social media can do for you.

  • Facebook Ads: Do you know who’s going to interview you? Take out a Facebook ad and target that person! You can target users by gender, age, workplace, interests, and so much more. If you know those small details about your interviewer, you’ll be able to run an ad just for them to see!
  • Get Creative: If you haven’t seen this video yet, watch it right now! I mean it, watch it now. This guy literally let his resume do the talking for him by using a QR code that generated a video! We can pretty much guarantee that not many people have seen something like that before. No, I’m not saying that you should copy this guy, but you should take what you’ve learned and think outside the box.

Use Social Platforms!

Although I’d hope that if you’re looking for a job in social media, you would be using social media to do so, I thought I’d just add a little reminder. Just in case.

  • Twitter: At this point in the game, you can probably find any company on Twitter. If you’re interested in working at a social media agency, find their Twitter account. If you’re applying to a company to work on their social media, try to find the Twitter accounts of the people that are responsible for hiring that position
    • Once you find the appropriate accounts, follow and tweet. Your tweet could be as simple as:
      • “Love your company! Would love to hear more.”
      • “Just applied for your (blank) position. So excited and eager!”
      • “Great company! Would love to work there. Who can I talk to?”
      • LinkedIn: This platform is literally created so that businesses can network, and so that people like you can connect with people who are looking to hire you!
        • Create a LinkedIn Profile and start making connections. To get started, find friends, old professors, old bosses; just find people you know. You want to make sure your profile is really complete.
        • Ask your connections to write you a recommendation on LinkedIn.
        • Complete your profile by adding your experience.
        • Lastly, but most importantly, start connecting with potential bosses. Look up the company that you’re applying to and connect with the people that work there. Some people might think this is a bit intrusive, but that’s what this platform is for! It’s pretty much expected if you’re looking for a position in Social Media.

Be Smart!

I don’t mean 1+1=2 kind of smart. I’m talking about thinking things through. If you’re going to be using social networks to connect with potential employees, you should probably look at your own accounts first. How many followers do you have on Twitter? What is your klout score? If you don’t have a presence on social, how are you supposed to help a brand break through the clutter on social? Here’s a great blog by Brian Murray that discusses how to find great people on Twitter, but also how you can be great on Twitter.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a company on Facebook, you can be sure that they’re looking for you on Facebook too. So, be smart. Look at your personal Profile from an outside perspective and think to yourself, “Would I hire myself?” If your answer is “Yes”, then get to applying. If you’re not sure, here’s some advice.

  • Photo Album: Not sure if you should keep that picture of yourself with a beer in your hand because your outfit was just SO cute that day? My answer is No! Delete pictures that make you look like a party animal. You can seem fun and show personality with your pictures without showing bottles of vodka and empty beer cans.
  • Privacy Settings: Sometimes, what your friends tag you in is out of your control. So, if you can’t keep up with it, change your privacy settings. This also goes for status updates. You shouldn’t have to completely censor what you want to say, but you should probably censor it from the people you want to work for.


I hope this helps! If you're interested in an internship at Likeable Media email Tim@likeable.com or Andi@likeable.com!


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