Deliciously Social Savvy Food Trucks

By Cara Friedman Anyone who lives in the city has visited a food truck whether you are picking up your morning bagel or maybe getting some ice cream. When I think of food trucks I think cheap, delicious, convenient. What I don't normal think of right away is social. Recently, I have noticed more and more how social media savvy food trucks are becoming! Just goes to show you that no matter what your business of choice, social media can be used to enhance your brand. Here are some food trucks who get social media:

Cupcake Crew

This truck travels around NYC selling deliciously made cupcakes that vary in flavor from chocolate to bacon. Everyday is a different location but that does not stop this truck from offering deals on Foursquare. Check in for the first time and receive a free coffee with your cupcake. Earn the covenant mayorship and take home a pack of mini cupcakes, free! The lesson to be learned is that you don't need to be a brick and mortar shop to utilize Foursquare. In addition, followers can get a sneak peak at the day's flavors by follow them on Twitter. The NYC Cupcake Crew is extremely responsive and makes sure every follower gets their questions answered.

Kogi BBQ

This LA food trucks travels to a different location everyday with delicious Korean BBQ tacos. How do you know where the truck will be today? Only via Twitter will you be able to find them! Kogi live tweets while in transit to give their fans up to the minute updates on their whereabouts. For those who have never been to the Kogi truck, Kogi put up a Flickr account to show others what they are missing. They post pictures from events that they go to and dishes that they make to show everyone who is not in the LA area just what we are missing! The next time I'm in California, I'll be tweeting to the Kogi BBQ truck to see where they'll be next.

Ben & Jerry's Truck

This is an example of a more well known brand taking their product to the streets! This truck has traveled through LA, Boston, and now making stops in NY and Miami. If the Ben and Jerry's truck finds you, you'll be lucky enough to receive free ice cream! If you want the Ben and Jerry's truck to come to you, all you have to do is tweet at them and ask! This is a great example of a traveling marketing campaign that uses Twitter to keep in touch with its followers.


PopCorners is a Likeable client and a deliciously healthy popcorn-chip! When you fly Jet Blue you'll get a taste of these bad boys, but what if you don't plan on traveling soon? If you your business is in NYC you can tweet #feedmepopcorners and the PopCorners truck will come deliver free chips to you! Don't believe me? Try it yourself and I will guarantee that you are feasting on PopCorners soon!

Has your local food truck gone social? Share your stories in the comments below!