Finding Good #Tweeps on Twitter

By Brian Murray

A few weeks ago @DaveKerpen challenged the staff at Likeable to become Thought Leaders using the Twitter Advertising Platform. He gave us some money to spend, a few ideas and a world of opportunity!  His challenge was to gain the most followers by May 15th. I personally love a challenge and competition, so for me this was exciting. I tend to be analytical and this led me to thinking about how I go about finding people to follow. I'd like to share my four tips to finding great people on Twitter!

Tip #1: Use the Tools Twitter Provides!

This one is a little obvious but I am regularly amazed by the ability of Twitter to recommend a wide variety of people to follow who actually interest me. On the right hand side of the homepage there are several people to follow based on the people you currently follow and your interests as determined by Twitter! Use the refresh button to get some new options.

One of the other features I have used is the Browse Interest feature. The categories are both broad and specific from Entertainment to Deals. My personal favorite is The Staff Picks. I don't know the staff from Twitter but after browsing this list I'm pretty sure we'd get along!

Tip #2: Recommendation Websites and Directories

There are a plenty of great websites out there to discover new people to improve your experience on Twitter! I've used a bunch but I like Twellow and WeFollow the best.

  • Twellow has a huge user base and has one feature that I can't live without. You can search profiles on Twitter for keywords that interest you! Don't be afraid to try searching for LikeableMedia here!
  • WeFollow allows users to tag themselves with keywords. This obviously relies on the honor system but I've been able to find some quality #Tweeps. They rank each keyword with two metrics, follower count and influence. Anyone can list themselves here by where they live, what they do, and which team they follow!

Tip #3: Get off

Both companies and regular folks are starting to catch on that your Social Media persona needs to connect with your offline personality. Keep your eyes open for advertisements from television to newspapers. Look out for the Twitter logo on Websites and blogs. I've even received a few business cards recently that include Twitter usernames! If they interest you elsewhere, they may be great to follow on Twitter!

Bonus Tip to Brands, Blogs, and Websites: Do not hide your Social Media links at the bottom of your site. Make them prominent and put them where they can easily be found! The less effort for people the better!

Tip #4: Comb your Timeline

One way I regularly discover great people is to watch who others are interacting with. This is how I discovered @JeffPulver! I watched a few of my co-workers greet him in the morning and talk to him. I went over to his profile and started to follow him. Now he is one of my favorite people! Don't be afraid to click around and use the follow button! You can always unfollow them if they become annoying like @CharlieSheen.


The purpose of this blog post was to give you a few ways to find great people on Twitter. My secondary purpose was to demonstrate that you need to be doing these things as well! Make sure you interact and engage with people as they find you! Tweet about your area of expertise and interests! Add yourself to the directories and websites! Take your Twitter presence off of Twitter to your blog or your business card! When you do these and begin to carve out your niche, you will then have Twitter recommending you!

Who do you consider a great person to follow on Twitter and how did you find them? Share your thoughts in the comments below!