What Is Your Twitter Personality?

By Dean Opriasa People watching on Twitter

If you’re reading this, you're most likely into tweeting, blogging, Facebook-ing, and all things social media. Safe bet that you probably have several profiles across a number of networking sites. The question is, how are you defining your online personality? Whether you do it for your personal brand or business, the common factor in all these online profiles is your personality.

Your social media personality often manifests itself in your communication “style” so-to-speak.  Simply put how you ask and answer questions, how you comment on posts, how you listen and empathize with others, as well as how you mediate and share links and content to your followers.

Keep in mind that your personality is only one component. After all, your fans or followers can’t look into your eyes and see if you look up or to the right; they can’t see if you shift in your seat when you answer a question. When interacting online, it’s often difficult for people to understand the true meaning of your words, especially if you are limited to 140 characters, as is the case with Twitter. Ultimately, all they can go by is what you “say” or how you say it.

If you spend as much time on Twitter as, well, I do, you can’t help but notice the different types of Tweeple. It’s like people-watching, in the comfort of your own home or office.

The Diva

These are the people who don’t listen to anyone. They can’t listen and they won’t. They talk about the most important thing to them, themselves. A little bragging is alright but remember that there’s a fine line between confident & arrogant, much worse, annoying.

The Whiner

Everyone knows at least one! There’s the Whiner that complains about everything in the world and just drag you down. You don’t want to be the constant complainer who only uses social media to vent about life’s frustrations.

The Entertainer

These folks are just plain enjoyable! The Entertainer tweets the most random things but the value that they bring is fun and laughter! @IamSuperBrad is a great example of this! A part of my morning ritual is reading his Tweets! Faux personalities also fall under the Entertainer title. @DarthVader & @Lord_Voldemort7 are two of my faves!

The Sharer

The Sharer can be your friend. They RT and share your posts and links to everyone and their mothers! Sharers can be too much at times when you read what they are doing at every second. I think people will agree with me when I say, I don’t need to know what you’re having for breakfast! Much more, I don’t need to see a photo of it.

The Salesman

You can’t miss them! They flood your stream with promotions about their blog on how to gain a bazillion followers or the never-ending offers, deals, and promotions.

These are just some of the Tweeps I notice. There are certainly much more types of personalities out there. Regardless of which one you are the bottom line is you should OWN IT!

Be Yourself.

Just as in real life, you don’t have to appeal to everyone, just to the people that matter to you.

It’s totally okay to talk about your frustrations, fears, dreams, or hopes. After all, social media is about being social and showing people that you are a real person. If you’re really into yourself, so be it! You won’t care what other people think anyway. If you can’t help but complain and whine; rub some dirt on it! If you’re a genuinely nice person who likes to start conversations and share your thoughts and expertise, then you’re more likely to gain followers and offer real value to them.

What types of other Tweeps do you notice when you people watch on Twitter?  Share your thoughts in the comments!