The WOW Factor

By Dan Bergeron

Last evening I was sitting at home with a friend, not feeling inclined to prepare a meal, yet my stomach was less than satisfied with my current state of hunger.  My friend suggested ordering pizza as they had a brochure they had received in their mailbox from a place called Naked Pizza and it looked intriguing.  Before I got off the couch, I looked on foursquare to see if there were any local tips for the pizza joint.  As it turned out, there was a 50% off your entire take-out purchase with a foursquare check-in.   To me that seemed to be a pretty great hook, but it almost seemed too good to be true.  When we walked into NAKED PIZZA the first thing that stood out was the bright green walls and the cleanliness.

Before we ordered a few pies I asked the counter attendant about the foursquare special.  He took a look at my Blackberry, read the special right off my foursquare app and was intrigued.  The man kindly said he was not aware of the special but agreed 50% was a great deal.  A few moments later he got the manager on duty to come up to the front, and proceeded to ask her about the special.   Turns out, it was not too good to be true, the foursquare special was indeed valid.    As we started ordering a few pies, the counter attendant began to explain more about the organic ingredients, gave us a detailed description of how the dough is actually made and where the ingredients come from.  Then he advised us to have a seat and test out the iPads on the far table, while we waited for our pizza.  I took this opportunity to check out their website, find them on twitter and then proceeded to tweet about the great experience I had before even tasting the pizza.

When I got home I took a few moments to think about the experience I just had at Naked Pizza.  As I was enjoying the organic ‘chemical free’ pizza on the comfort of my couch I looked down at the box and noticed right on the box they had ‘Follow us!’.   After this whole experience it really made appreciate the steps Naked Pizza is taking to WOW their customers.  As someone who fits right into their target market, a healthy, active, 20-something who eats, breaths and sleeps social media, Naked Pizza really hit one out of the park on this one.  No matter what the brand or business, it is always important to WOW the customers.  Ideally, you want the customer leaving a place of business talking about how great their experience was, and that the brand went over the top.  When a brand delivers beyond your expectations, when they add a great customer experience, it will create a buzz, people will talk, and that brand over time will build a strong rapport with their customers.

How does your company create the WOW Factor?