Be Social Online and Off this 4th of July

By Lauren Sleeper Happy Social Media Day fellow geeks! I hope everyone is planning on participating in some form today! Mashable is hosting events across the globe, but if you can't make it to any, be sure to use the hashtag #SMDAY on Twitter and Instagram to follow along with the festivities.  I thought it was the perfect coincidence for my post today that a special day celebrating one of biggest passions, falls right before one of my favorite holidays!  Today, I'll cover a few tips on how social media can help you get the most out of your 4th of July weekend.


If you're a badge fiend, Foursquare is known to award special badges for check-ins on holidays.  While this is not a definite, make sure you check in to one of your destinations on 4th of July to see if there's a badge waiting to be awarded! Holiday weekends are also a prime time for local business and stores to hold sales and specials.  Take advantage the "Specials Nearby" feature of your Foursquare app to discover ways to save when you're out and about on your day off.


Once again, sales will be abundant over the holiday weekend.  While Foursquare can help you discover the specials going on at local businesses, use Twitter to see what larger brands have on sale.  If shopping isn't in your plans, use Twitter to expand the party outside of your backyard. With the hashtag #4thofJuly, you can celebrate with people across the country! Discover photos people are snapping, fireworks times/locations in your area, and delicious recipes people are sharing.


Mailed party invitations are so 2000. To make sure all your friends know about the party you're having (or the party at the neighbor's house with the sweet pool...) log onto Facebook to either create your own event, or encourage other party-throwers to allow you to invite friends to theirs.  Through a Facebook event, you can easily keep track of who's coming, and the event wall can function as a means to dole out food and beverage assignments for your guests.  Tell your friends that the "too cool to respond" attitude is lame, and there won't be food for them if they don't tell you they're coming. Don't have a party to go to yet?  Search "4th of July + City" on Facebook to see what events have been planned in your area.  Coming from someone who has 30+ photo albums on Facebook, it goes without saying that you should share all of your fun 4th of July pictures on Facebook.* will even be running a Facebook photo contest for the 4th of July, so you might be able to win some cool swag just by uploading to Facebook!

I thought I would close with one of my favorite pictures of where I'll be this weekend.  Feel free to share any of your favorite 4th of July photos in the comments!

How are you celebrating this weekend? Will you be using social media for/during the festivities?

*Full disclosure, is a Likeable Client