First Ever #LikeableChat with @LikeableMedia

By Brian Murray Last night, @LikeableMedia hosted it's first ever #LikeableChat on Twitter. We had an amazing turnout of over 90 people using the hashtag #LikeableChat.  The particpants tweeted over 700 times discussing the core principles of Likeable Media. It was announced on Facebook and Twitter at 8:30pm where the word quickly spread to the participants. Our first tweet chat was a huge success! You can find a full transcript here, but read on for the short version!

There are many great weekly Twitter chats including #U30Pro and #BlogChat. These chats have hundreds of participants and great conversation about a variety of topics. It is our hope that #LikeableChat will evolve into a chat where brands and people can engage and discuss everything from Likeablility to Current Events to Social Media.

Michele Weisman hosted the chat and asked six questions that lead to great conversation! Here are the questions and some highlights!


Q1: What does it mean to be likeable? #LikeableChat

@davekerpen: Being likeable to me ultimately means following the golden rule. #likeablechat

@alliezog: Being likeable should be easy. Be yourself, be honest, treat others how you'd want to be treated. #likeablechat

@kevingrout: A1 I think it means to be a company that is engaging/cust-oriented enough to attract customers to their brand #LikeableChat

@rvstoltz: Being likeable means being memorable, positively of course, as a person, as a whole, and especially as a brand. #LikeableChat

@franktisellano: Being #likeable means treating your customers/followers like real human beings, giving them a genuine opportunity to be heard. #likeablechat


Q2: What brands do you find likeable and why? #LikeableChat

@samedelstein: A2 Brands that dedicated true resources to making positive change are what I find likeable (and buy from, too!) #likeablechat

@AmyKattan: @DaveKerpen Brands sometimes have a hard time listening. Remember that #sm is not about broadcasting, it's about engaging. #likeablechat

@mallorierose: in general, Likeable brands are the brands that remove barriers and connect with ME as a person, not a sale #likeablechat

@davekerpen: Very impressed that no @likeablemedia staff has mentioned a client! Proud of you all! #likeablechat

@dkny: Hello..@Carrie128ny I'm pretty sure I am real ☺ thx! RT @DaveKerpen: @Carrie128nyc ooh @dkny - another new one, sweet! #likeablechat

A few other brands were mentioned as being quite #Likeable including @Jetblue, @Delta, @Blowfishshoes, @dunkindonuts, @toms, @wholefoods, @bestbuy, @deltaassist, @lordandtaylor, @pinkberry, @dkny, @katespadeny, @Zappos, @ChipotleTweets, @dunkinboston, @gymit, @nakedpizza, @IAH, @MLBFanCave, @LivingSocial, @MTV, @Starbucks,@QuakerOats, @groupon, @mtvnews, @thenyknicks, and @Dell.


Q3: Have you ever used social media as an outlet to discuss an unlikeable experience? What was the outcome? #LikeableChat

@kennykane: I once complained about the sluggish WiFi at Terminal 5 at JFK. @JetBlue sent me a DM to apologize. It was love@ first DM. #LikeableChat

@mandielyse: A3 Yes, I had a bad experience with a company and I got no response from them. Done doing business with them. #likeablechat

@smitus: I always reach out via SM but don't always receive an answer back. #Likeablechat

@rvstoltz: Yes, and it was the only way I was able to connect directly with the company. Surprising and positive outcome. #LikeableChat

@meganmcface: #Likeablechat A3 yes! My roommate was having a horrible experience with @tmobile so I tweeted to help out...NO response. #fail


Q4: How can you improve the likeability of your personal or professional brand? #LikeableChat

@alliezog: Q4: Don't try so hard! Provide value, be real and engaging. Be nice :) #likeablechat

@davekerpen: How can you improve your likeability? Start by listening to your customers, & responding to all of them. #likeablechat

@AdamBritten: @ottogrl A4: I'm a fan of "surprise and delight." Most customers just want to be acknowledged. #likeablechat

@KratzPR: Q4: Be genuine in being there for others, helping others is the most beneficial thing you can do for your brand #LikeableChat

@MallorieRose: Q4: improve your likeability - step 1 SHUT UP AND LISTEN, step 2 take action and HELP #likeablechat

@WomenAutoKnow: @AdamBritten so true! And no response, is a response... A bad one #likeablechat @ottogirl


Q5: What makes a Facebook post, tweet or blog post likeable? #LikeableChat

@meganmcface: On FB: Ask me a question or ask me to like your post RT @ottogrl: Q5: What makes a Facebook post, tweet or blog post likeable? #LikeableChat

@missversatile: Q5) humor, valuable information and many times just a "Hi, how are you doing today", means person was thinking abt you #LikeableChat

@carriekerpen: A dialogue is likeable. Shouting out a press release on sm? Not so much. #likeablechat

@tylerjbecker: #LikeableChat A5 as a consumer, a brand's post or tweet has to give me some kind of incentive to take action or give them my social currenc

@ottogrl: A5: Unfortunately, you can lose fans and followers as quickly as you can gain them. Like Aretha Franklin said, R-E-S-P-E-C-T! #LikeableChat


Q6: What person do you find most likeable on social media and why? #LikeableChat

@davekerpen: Most #likeable in socialmedia? I'll go with @jeffpulver. Welcoming & responsive from "Good morning" to night #likeablechat

@kevingrout: A 6: One of the most likeable people on soc media is @unmarketing. Shares lots, funny, and most importantly, Canadian :) #LikeableChat

@ottogrl: A6: @CoryBooker is very likeable! #LikeableChat

@mattodeez: A6- Embarrassed to say, but @ochocinco is one of my favorite. He's funny, responds to followers and doesn't hold back. #likeablechat

@donk2: A6: @themarissagreen is VERY #likeable - hilarious tweets and relevant links :) #likeablechat

Other personalities that were found to be #Likeable by #LikeableChat! Are you listed?

@jeffpulver@unmarketing@staceymonk@joshwolfcomedy@KhloeKardashian@jasonfalls, @jimmyfallon@swaygrl@roccodispirito@alyssa_milano@themarissagreen@CoryBooker, @str8edgeracer@chrisbrogan@cindygallop@prosperitygal@ajleon@rachelsklar@tedrubin, @claytonsu@1pageproposal@ohdoctah@leolaporte@ConanOBrien@mikefraietta@AnnCurry, @timoreilly@YogaArmy, and @yokoono


My Favorite Exchange and New Favorite Twitter Account:

@Carrie128nyc: A2: I would go with @dkny, I love their twitter, it's always funny and feels like a real person on the other end #Likeablechat

@dkny: Hello..@Carrie128ny I'm pretty sure I am real ☺ thx! RT @DaveKerpen: @Carrie128nyc ooh @dkny - another new one, sweet! #likeablechat

@davekerpen: @dkny welcome to the chat! As a DK from NY, I was known in college as #DKNY #likeablechat

@dkny: #Hilarious RT @DaveKerpen: @dkny welcome to the chat! As a DK from NY, I was known in college as #DKNY #likeablechat

About the Chat:

Every Sunday at 10pm- 11pm est. We will have a topic to be announced promptly at 10pm with six questions. It will be your opportunity to engage with the employees and BuzzBuilders of Likeable Media as well as a host of other people who join in! Don't forget to tweet Michele with topics or questions you would like to see in the future!


Were you at the first ever #LikeableChat? What were some of your takeaways? Will you be joining us in the future? Share your thoughts in the comments!