Happy Birthday Social Media Style!

By: Allie Herzog For those of you who don't read my personal blog or follow me on twitter, I'm celebrating somewhat of a milestone birthday in a few weeks and have been hyping it up to all my friends in a big way.  Thanks to social media, I’m able to blog about it, tweet about it, Facebook about it and even set up my birthday party on it!  Social Media definitely plays a big role in how we celebrate birthdays nowadays.  Read on to get the scoop on all the ways social media has helped us have even more fabulous birthdays!

Facebook Notifications: Remember back in the day before Facebook reminded you of all your friends and family's birthdays and you had to write them on a calendar and then call them to say happy birthday?  Yeah me neither!  Facebook has revolutionized the way we wish even our closest friends a happy birthday.  I actually think I wished my own brother a happy birthday on Facebook this year instead of calling (sorry bro!).  Thanks to Facebook we can never forget a birthday again (even the one's we want to forget...hello ex-boyfriend's b'day reminder...) and let's face it, who doesn't love the 50 or 60 comments you receive on your wall each birthday?  We salute you Facebook, for making us feel super popular and important - even if it's only for one day a year!

Facebook Events: To ensure that all your friends not only know your birthday is coming up, but also know where to show up to party with you on said-date, why not set up a Facebook Event?  Who needs phone calls, paper invitations or even E-vites when you can easily notify the world of your bash via a public Facebook Event.  Be sure to add a photo of yourself (ones' from your childhood birthdays or in a "compromising" position usually attract the most attendees) and make sure you invite everyone you ever knew, just in case they have been thinking about you and may be in town to drop by your special event :)

Twitter: OK so you've set up your Facebook Event, received wall post happy birthdays, but what about Twitter?  Friends (both real-life and "twitterverse") and more than happy to wish you a happy birthday here too, which may include the hashtag #happybirthday if you're lucky!

Foursquare: Now that all your friends have gathered in one place to celebrate your birth, make sure they all check-in on Foursquare and shout happy birthday to you!  If they shout it 5 times, they'll earn the coveted "16 candles" badge.  And, if you're really popular maybe you can get a swarm going at your party (when 50 or more people check-in in one place!).

The Like Button: Just in case you want to get your friend something more than a drink at their shindig, more and more websites have added the Like Button to their products so you can see what items your friends like and get them the perfect gift!  Some retailers even have really cool integration that allows you to see your friends upcoming birthdays and suggests gifts right on their site.  *1-800-Flowers.com does this, for example.  Happy shopping!

What other ways  does social media played a role in celebrating birthdays?  Share with us in the comments!

*Full disclosure - 1-800-Flowers.com is a Likeable client.