InstaFashion: The Role of Instagram in the Fashion World

By Alana Brooks If you're not currently using Instagram, you should start ASAP. I have to admit, at first, I thought it was just an excuse to take bad photos, that people were using the app to put filters on poorly executed snapshots to make them look more hip. But then I downloaded it, and I haven't looked back.

Besides using it as another app to post photos to Twitter, I thoroughly enjoy scrolling through others' pictures and seeing what they've been up to. The app itself is perfect for taking still life photos or capturing snippets of a larger picture. Which is why it's a perfect addition to the social fashion world.

Here are a few examples of my favorite brands, magazines and members of the fashion community who do Instagram well:

Rebecca Minkoff

If you haven't heard of this fabulous accessory designer, I suggest you look her up. Rebecca Minkoff creates some of the most coveted bags in the fashion world, and is the designer darling of fashion bloggers across the Internet.

Why Follow her?

Though Rebecca has been blogging and using Twitter for a while now, I just received a notification yesterday that she joined Instagram. I obviously followed her immediately, and was excited to see her photos embody the same fun and playful nature of her other social endeavors. I look forward to seeing more still life accessories shots and photos of her designs to come.


Besides being the "it" Website for everything fashion, Refinery29 also boasts an active social presence and tons of snark.

Why follow them?

If you like street style photography and behind-the-scenes shots you should definitely be following Refinery29. It's sort of like you work there, only you're seeing pictures of your "coworkers" on an iPhone screen.


Ever heard of fashion powerhouse Oscar de la Renta? Well this girl, whoever she is, does his PR and she's absolutely fabulous.

Why follow her?

If you're a fan of amazing outfits that you'll never be able to afford, you should be following her. She posts some primitive mirror outfit photos and I must say, I've never seen an outfit I haven't wanted. While these types of photos might not work as well blown up on a blog or Website, they're perfect on Instagram. Not enough of a reason to follow her? She also posts celebrity photos and behind-the-scenes shots from Oscar de la Renta.


Though I don't subscribe to the actual magazine, I do get their daily emails about fun events in Boston. From what I can tell, they're just a fun, quirky pop culture magazine with a focus on fashion.

Why follow them?

Their bio says it all: "The official Instagram for the most awesome magazine in the world." Conceited? Maybe. True? Probably. Check out their feed if you like artsy photos, fashion and behind-the-scenes action.


Though she may not be as well known as the other sources I posted, I think she's great. Don't believe me? Check out her blog.

Why follow her?

She posts her daily outfits in clear, clean shots like the one to the left. It's a different take on the traditional "outfit shot" that translates very well on Instagram.

I've shared my favorite Instagram users, now I want to know yours. Do you think a particular industry outside of fashion is doing Instagram well? Share your thoughts in the comments! For more ideas, download our free Instagram For Brands Best Practices