Making The Most Out Of Your Facebook Ads

Today’s was written by guest blogger Allie Kolb . Allie is one of Likeable’s brightest buzz builders! One of Facebook’s greatest tools is also one of the hardest to learn: Facebook ads. Successful Facebook ads can do wonders for your page. The only problem is, you have to know how to run them! When designing a Facebook ad it’s important to keep in mind what would appeal to you. You have to make an advertisement that is something you would “Like”. There are a couple of important elements to building a solid ad. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your Facebook ads.

The Copy

The copy is the body of the ad that will usually include a “call to action” or a way to get the user engaged in our page. Whether it’s promoting a current contest or just trying to get new fans the copy is a huge part of pulling in new people. Choose your words wisely, because you have a very limited space to get your point across.

The Picture

A picture is worth a thousand words and since you only have 160 characters for the copy, the picture is extremely important. Before even reading the call to action a user sees the photo and decides if it’s even worth further investigation. Use pictures that are relevant but will catch a user’s attention.


Creating a target is another important aspect of building an ad. The target is the group of people you want your ad to be seen by. Basically what you can do is specify the target based on precise interests of various people on Facebook, for example cooking or gardening. You can also specify based on things like marital status. Then there is a more particular form of targeting where you can enter things that people “like” on Facebook. An ad isn’t worth the money if you’re appealing to people who could care less about what you’re selling. By targeting the right people you can spend money sensibly so that you actually gain more fans rather than wasting money on people who will not even give your ad a second look.

Switching It Up

We’ve seen great results from campaigns that switch up pictures and/or copy often. How many of you have seen the same ad several hundred times to the point where it annoys you? I know I sure have! When using the Facebook advertising platform it is important to keep the content fresh and be willing to change it often. When you see things like the CTR or CPL not performing as well it may be time to witch it up!


The next interesting aspect of ads is timing. There are specific times when the platform appears to be congested. I’ve seen congestion around specific events and holiday’s. What we’ve found is that there are times when it may make sense to cut back on ads for other times when not as many people are using the platform.

Have you experimented with Facebook ads? What have you found that works and what doesn’t? Share your thoughts in the comments!