Recent Changes In @Klout Worth Noticing

By Michele Weisman Klout has been known in the industry as a way to measure your online influence. Your Klout score is supposed to say a lot about how influential you are in the social space; Klout scores range from 1-100, with higher scores representing a wider and stronger sphere of influence. Other than checking your Klout score to make sure it hasn’t decreased, there wasn’t much interaction until recently. In the last month, the San Francisco-based startup unveiled a number of changes to the seemingly one-note platform. Here are some of the big changes Klout has recently announced:

Foursquare & LinkedIn Integration

Klout initially measured social influence by only linking your Facebook and Twitter accounts. More recently, Klout has added LinkedIn and Foursquare to the mix. With more social networking sites to connect to, your Klout will be more reflective of your actual influence across social media sites. More importantly, your Klout style or online personality will be more accurate. Are you a celebrity, thought leader, or curator?  To integrate your LinkedIn and Foursquare accounts to your Klout algorithm, go to your Klout dashboard and click on the grayed-out buttons.

+K & Topics

Klout is now more than just a numerical score. Instead of just being “influential” in general, you can be influential on a specific topic. Klout recently introduced the +K button, which allows you to give other users a +K on topics you think they are influential about. Try giving a user a +K on social media! Businesses and marketers can identify key influencers on specific topics.

Klout Perks

Having high influence has its benefits. Klout Perks is a new, selective reward system that is exclusive to Klout users based on score. The higher Klout score a user has, the more perks he or she has the chance to receive. Not only is Klout Perks beneficial to influencers, but it is also a great way for brands to engage and connect with Klout users. Some businesses utilizing Klout Perks already are Spotify, Secret, Virgin America, and Audi8. Klout believes that influencers deserve to be treated special. It is crucial to maintain your online influence in order to receive these limited Klout rewards. What current perks are you eligible for? Which rewards have you redeemed?

What do you think of Klout’s newest changes? What future changes would you like to see? Share your thoughts in the comments!