The 5 People You'll Meet on Google+

By Megan McMahon Google+ is all the rage these days. A crazed social media geek who is working in the space like me should really be taking more time to figure out exactly how it works, how it can help me, and why people think that it will be the doom of Twitter. But, up until now I’ve just been taking advice from the Buzz Builder on my team who I’ve deemed Google+ expert (shoutout to Andrew from #LETSGO). With the help of Andrew, I've determined the 5 types of people that you'll find while roaming the Circles of Google+.

The Professional: For those of you out there that are sick of dealing with GoToMeeting or other less than par meeting services, creating a Circle with your colleagues is the perfect solution. The professional you find on Google+ will be prone to using the Hangout feature for video teleconferences and Huddles for the group text feature. Professionals can share relevant info among their own internal groups or with other professionals outside of their field in the different Circles they belong to.

The News Junkie: The person who always knows the latest breaking news with politics or even celebrities can swoon over the Sparks feature with Google+. With Sparks, the news junkie can create customizable news searches that automatically update on the user's sidebar. Sparks is of course just an additional feature to the hundreds of news personalities and news sites the News Junkie can follow to get the latest news.

The Picture Sharing Fiend: We all have that one friend who likes to document their entire life via pictures and there's no better place for this person to feed off their obsession than on Google+. The platform's instant upload feature makes it easier than ever to transfer photos from phone to web. Take a photo, automatically upload it to Google+, make it public later. It's as easy as that you photo-sharing lovers out there.

The Student and the Professor: Come September, you’ll be bound to find students using Circles to organize study groups, coordinate activities, and work together on projects. Perhaps this is a little unconventional, but nonetheless Huddles are a great way for students + professors to connect in GroupMe style. Professors can organize Circles for their classes and use them as an extra way to connect with their students.

The Social Media Addict (obviously): Most of us have a Facebook. Some of us have a Twitter. To the casual user of both, Google+ will seem like just another place to share content with your friends, followers, and anyone else. But the Social Media Addicts of the world are raving over the newness of Google + and just can’t seem to get enough of it. In reality, the Google+ “stream” is very similiar Twitter’s “Timeline” with comments (hence the impending doom that many people see for Twitter) but, that’s not stopping the network from growing like crazy. With it’s user base that grew 20 million users in 3 weeks, you’re bound to find a few social media enthusiasts in there.

Do you fall into any of these Google+ user categories? Who have you encountered in Google+ Circles? Let me know in the comments!