Foursquare: The New Deal Aggregator

By: Andi Barton

Keep the deals coming! It’s now been confirmed that Foursquare’s newest partnership with Groupon is officially starting up. You soon will be able to go ahead and conveniently check your explore tab for these deals with ease! The real-time factor that we will have at our finger tips will open up a significant amount of doors for incentive to explore your local venues. Everyone is always looking to add levels of simplification and convenience, especially when it comes to social media platforms and applications. By syncing these two options together, Foursquare has provided us with even more ease for finding deals! Foursquare’s dedication to helping us save money is continually evident, and as their new partnerships provide further proof of this, Foursquare has proven to be a consistent success for consumers and businesses.

This is the newest addition to Foursquare’s preexisting list of partnerships aiming to provide users with ways to save money. In addition to Groupon, Foursquare has been working with LivingSocial, Gilt City, BuyWithMe and Zozi. All different platforms geared towards helping your wallet when it comes to your social scene. Foursquare is proving to be the upcoming dominant deal aggregator by combining all these different deal saving tools with your check-in’s.

So what does this mean for you?

As a consumer: As Foursquare continues to grow and expand with new ways to save, all the deals can be consolidated into one application. You’ll be able to search for deals, explore, create your to-do lists, all through one check on your Foursquare account! Where else will you need to go when Foursquare can now provide you with at least 5 different types of deal searches and options.

As a business: With Groupon’s preexisting consumer base and its brand awareness /loyalty, Foursquare users will be more inclined to be searching and exploring for deals with their check-in’s. Getting your brand and locations on Foursquare is almost a given at this point. When users know they can find deals through all these different platforms now organized through Foursquare, they will be looking to follow you now more than ever!

What do you think about Foursquare’s new partnership with Groupon? Share your thoughts in the comments below!