Promoted Tweets Get a Facelift

By Lauren Sleeper Last week, Twitter announced a change in how Promoted Tweets are displayed.  Of course, this announcement was met with criticism, as any service that is introducing advertising to its users can be expected to receive.  Twitter is working with select advertising partners to now allow promoted tweets to appear right in the timeline.  Twitter users will only see promoted tweets from the brands they follow, the tweets will appear  just once, and then will cycle through your timeline as any other tweet would. Additionally, you can dismiss the promoted tweets from your timeline with a click.

This shift in the display of promoted tweets is certainly a move in the right direction.  As a Twitter user, you follow the brands and companies that you are interested in and in turn, you expect to receive relevant and useful content.  A promoted tweet is just that - a brand can easily get their followers attention for an upcoming special, deal, or exciting change in the company.  Akin to Facebook advertising, this shift in the way promoted tweets are displayed will allow the ads you do see to be more relevant to you and your interests.

While I'm excited to see these new promoted tweets from some my favorite brands on Twitter (many of which happen to be included as pilot partners), I have yet to come across any in my timeline.  Of course, there are many brands that are doing a fantastic job with the current promoted tweet model, as well.  Below are some of my recent favorites -- all of which were relevant, timely, and interesting to me as a follower:


Wheat Thins is one of my favorite brands on Twitter.  Not only are they delicious, they make me smile with their tweets! They took advantage of a light-hearted trending topic, and worked that into an engaging promotion which gave their followers the opportunity to receive free product.



Again, Chobani is another example of a brand that does Twitter well.  A quick search for #snack yielded this promoted tweet result.  Chobani is cross-promoting an interactive and advocate identifying contest they are hosting on Facebook via Twitter ads (and yes, I entered!).



Another example of capitalizing on a trending topic, WeAreTabCo promoted a video for their new tablets under #ReinventTheWheel.  I'm unsure whether or not they also promoted the hashtag, but regardless, the trending topic caught my eye enough to make we want to click through to see what people were talking about, and the promoted Tweet from WeAreTabCo introduced me to a new tablet company I had never heard of.  Did I mention I was in the market for an iPad?  Perfect customer.

What do you think of the new in-stream promoted tweets?  Additionally, what are your favorite promoted tweets that you have seen recently in search and via promoted trends? Share your thoughts in the comments!