Thought Leaders on Twitter

By Brian Murray Over the past several months since I've been employed at Likeable Media, I have become completely enamored with the core values of the company. Likeable Media's core values are to be #Driven, #Passionate, #Transparent, #ThoughtLeaders and #Likeable. There have been several challenges within the company aimed at driving growth in these areas including a thought leadership challenge which you can read about here. Within our organization I regularly find myself amazed at the brilliance of the people around me. But as important as it is to look inward, sometimes it's important to look outside as well!

Twitter is an interesting Social Media platform because many people don't get it from the beginning and it has a very low retention rate. However, it's my feeling that if people find interesting dynamic users to follow then they quickly will fall in love with the network you can build. I'd like to share some of the Thought Leaders I have found on Twitter and urge you to follow them for all that they share. Feel free to share this with new users as well and help keep them on Twitter!

Social Media

@Jack - Jack Dorsey is one of the founders of Twitter and more recently @Square. He is always sharing bits from his life such as the fact that he is unhappy with an airline and the happenings in the board room! Many have lauded him as a visionary and I don't think many could argue!

@Dens - Dennis Crowley is the creator of @foursquare. He regularly tweets where he is, what he's doing and who he's with. He practices what he preaches! Besides that he tweets about tech happenings, events he is attending and often times responds to those who tweet to him.

@randizuckerberg - Randi Zuckerberg is the sister of Mark Zuckerberg who recently went out on her own as an entrepreneur. She has been incredibly active on Twitter considering her brother created Facebook! She shares nuggets from her life and the people she meets.

 @FinkD - Mark Zuckerberg has not tweeted since March 13, 2009. However he maintains a profile on the network and recently joined Google Plus. I'm excited for the day he figures out how to use Twitter on his iPhone!

Entertainment and Sports

@OchoCinco - Chad OchoCinco is a lightening rod. Many love his antics, many hate him. However, you cannot argue with the fact that he was one of the first athletes to embrace his fans on Twitter and has continued to use the platform to find new friends. He has been extremely successful in building his brand and has cemented a career for himself after football.

@AplusK - Ashton Kutcher is known for many things. He was the first twitter user to get a million followers (he beat CNN). He had a show on @MTV called Punk'd and will soon replace @CharlieSheen on "Two and Half Men". But these days he is known to be a tech investor and for bringing awareness to a variety of causes he holds dear to his heart.

@Alyssa_Milano - Alyssa Milano is famous for being on a variety of television shows I have never seen. However, now she is an active tweeter who interacts with fans, shares moments from her life and is always sharing great articles that she is reading. She also loves baseball.

@PatMacafeeShow - Pat Macafee is the punter for the Indianapolis Colts. After finding himself in a bit of trouble about a year ago he has rebuilt his image through Twitter. He shares tidbits from his life and always interacts with fans. He's amassed over 24,000 followers which is 24k more than that famous QB. He also can kick a 75 yard field goal.

Good for Society

@CoryBooker - Mayor of Newark Cory Booker is what every politician should be. He responds to issues and interacts with his city. He is not afraid to be himself and has amassed a huge following on Twitter. I hope that he is the future of politics.

@JeffPulver - Jeff Pulver is one of the founders of Vonage. He is also an investor in a variety of startups. He organizes a series of conferences called the #140Conf which I was lucky to attend this past June. Say good morning to him on Twitter and you'll get a response from him!

@anncurry - Ann Curry is a reporter for a variety of shows within the NBC Networks. She shares information about her travels and insights from the world around her. She is someone who is constantly seeking the truth and to make the world a better place. I had the chance to see her at the #140conf and have been following her ever since.

Suggestions from Colleagues

@askaaronlee - Aaron Lee writes a blog, tweets a lot and consults companies about Social Media. He shares information, talks to anyone and gives advice for free! He definitely is somebody worth following!

@jaybaer - Jay Baer is an author and consultant. You can find him sharing information and nuggets with his followers. Any person interested in Social Media will find his tweets valuable.

@Zappos - Tony Hsieh has created a company that fascinates me. They enable everyone to be a difference maker. They regularly deliver Surprise and Delight to their customers. He has created a corporate culture of personality and innovation. His brand is based on customer service and as I've written before, I believe they are second to none in this area!


Who do you consider a Thought Leader on Twitter? Let us know in the comments!