Tips to Use Social Media for Your Back to School Campaigns

by Dhara Naik

The end of Summer is near and another school year is about to begin. Everywhere I look, I see back to school promotions. As you’re looking at the start of September, why not include social media in your back to school campaign. There are several ways that your brand can leverage social media to not only increase awareness about your products, but to offer incentives to fans that are already devoted to your brand.  Here are a few tips on how you can use social media to get in touch with your fans this back to school season.


There are so many ways to engage Facebook fans via back to school campaigns. Kmart has created an “Epic Mom’s Epic List” application on their Facebook page to help busy moms save time. Moms can visit the tab, add wardrobe items and accessories to their shopping cart and then either buy everything online or print out a handy list to take with them to the store. This is a great example of how they’ve decided to think like their customers and then provide them with a practical tool.

To engage current fans and provide helpful products to make the back to school transition easier, I’ve loved Target’s Facebook posts  lately. Taking the back to school theme and giving it a twist, Target discusses college rivalries in the form of products. This is such a simple but engaging way to talk about products they sell at their stores that are relevant to students in a fun way.


If you have brick and mortar stores, Foursquare should definitely be part of your social media campaign. You can offer rewards for students who check-in to your store or offer unique rewards for loyal customers. For instance, you can offer a discount on Fall’s latest fashion trends or perhaps exclusive discounts on takeout orders for those who visit you often. With Foursquare being such a popular platform among college students, your campaign is bound to be successful as long as your offer is compelling to the demographic.


Of course no social media campaign is complete without Twitter, so here are some tips on what you can do to promote your back to school campaign. Last night, TJ Maxx & Marshalls hosted a Twitter party with @ModernMom to talk about Back to School fashion. During the party, TJ Maxx gave away several $50 gift cards to their TJ Maxx and Marshalls stores. A Twitter party is a great example of how you can talk about your brand and offer an incentive to those who may be new to your product or simply give them the opportunity to learn more about it.




In addition to Twitter parties, you can host a contest with a unique hashtag to generate some buzz for your giveaway or you could start a promoted tweets campaign using back to school related keywords to either promote a contest or simply give special tips to parents or students as families get ready for the new school year. Check out these tweets from Staples and Best Buy Deals.

What are some of your favorite brands using social media for back to school campaigns? What are you doing in the social media space for your back to school campaign? Share your thoughts in the comments!