Why B2B Marketers Are Excited About LinkedIn Today

By Timmy Bosch I am always hopping all over the internet trying to find worthy content to read to stay on top of the rapidly changing social media world. Recently, LinkedIn Today has become my go-to portal for interesting articles. And I am not alone—LinkedIn Today has developed into a major traffic source for popular content.

LinkedIn Today basically works by amassing articles from industries, contacts, and sources that you follow. The classic news format and user friendly design is just one more reason to love this site.

 Aside from the LinkedIn Today website, LinkedIn Today also controls the articles that appear on your LinkedIn home page. These articles are the top 3 articles of the day:

How to leverage LinkedIn Today

Content on LinkedIn Today becomes popular once it is shared extensively by LinkedIn members. Thus, as they say, “content is king”: Ensure that your content is interesting enough to compel users to share it.

If you primarily post articles to your blog or website you can simply add a LinkedIn Share button. Plus, many LinkedIn users have connected their Twitter to their LinkedIn accounts, enabling all tweets to be posted directly on LinkedIn.


LinkedIn users are typically reputable, thereby boosting the value of your content— SPAM is not found on these professional grounds. One out of three LinkedIn users are high level decision makers, so yeah, you definitely want visibility on this platform.

If you’re B2B, you just hit the jackpot! Every day, B2B marketers are strategizing how to get the attention of some executive—imagine 120 million well educated, engaged, affluent decision makers at your fingertips!

Final thoughts

By ramping up industry content aggregation and sharabilty, LinkedIn has created a gold mine for B2B marketers. With LinkedIn going public, I have been paying close attention to their revenue and profit margins. Since LinkedIn Today has become popular, could there be place for advertisers? Don’t hold your breath, but I smell a new revenue stream coming soon courtesy of LinkedIn Today.

What are your thoughts on LinkedIn Today?