Why the LinkedIn App Update is a #GameChanger

By Megan McMahon The LinkedIn app on my iPhone was one of the first I downloaded when I bought my iPhone last October and I probably used it all of once or twice since. Not to mention that I was thoroughly unimpressed with it’s overall functionality. But yesterday when I heard of the supposed mind-blowing update / complete overhaul the app went through I had to check it out. At first glance, my mind was indeed blown. Check out the details for yourself if you don’t believe me. If you’re the professional on-the-go (and really who isn’t these days?) the new LinkedIn iPhone app update is sure to be a game changer for you. Here’s 3 reasons why:

1. The interface is fun, organized, and easy to manage. There’s nothing more frustrating than a cluttered app where it’s hard to distinguish what does what. The LinkedIn app squashes this feat. By tapping the top center heading in any portion of the app, you are automatically brought to the main dashboard where you can easily access Updates, You, Inbox, and Groups & More. So simple, so clean…#GameChanger

2. Instant access to info on the people you’re meeting with. So you’re running from meeting to meeting and you don’t want to go into your next one with a potential new client blind – the LinkedIn app is here to save the day. Simply type in the name of the person you’re meeting with by tapping the search queue in the top right section of the app. Check out info on people in a clear format while you’re in the cab rushing to that next meeting or even while you’re in the lobby waiting patiently to for the meeting to start. Getting the background on other professionals you’re meeting with quickly before you meet them is a definite #GameChanger.

3. A fast way to add people to your network. In all honesty, I don’t even think it’s this easy to add friends via the Facebook for iPhone app. In the “Inbox” portion of the app, the upper left corner let’s you send a message via LinkedIn or send an invite to an email address connected to a LinkedIn account to connect with that person. LinkedIn even has the message typed out for you (with the option for you to edit of course.) Being able to instantly connect with a group of people you just had a great meeting with? #GameChanger

The LinkedIn app update for the iPhone is one that was necessary in order for the network to keep up in the ever changing social space. I believe that the update will make LinkedIn even more relevant for professionals, especially young professionals. I personally will make sure that I keep up my LinkedIn profile like never before since I know that the people waiting in the lobby for my next meeting with them can easily whip out the LinkedIn iPhone app and see what I’m all about.

Great move LinkedIn…now I’m actually excited to be part of your social network. Now…where’s your iPad app?! Can’t wait for that #GameChanger

Have you downloaded the new LinkedIn iPhone app? Do you think it’s a game changer? Will you start using LinkedIn more often now because of it? Let me know in the comments!