4 Ways to Get Content Ideas From Your Community

By Dean Opriasa Social media is all about your community. So what does your community want to hear about or talk to you more about? Believe it or not, they’ve already told you; short of “I want more of that!” What should you serve them that will satisfy their content hunger? Here are four ways to figure it out. 

1. Blog comments

Which blog received the most comments? It may surprise you what post gets the most interest. Did you review a book or a product? Did you make a list of a how-to or must-haves? Whatever it is, consider doing more! The more questions left as comments on a blog, obviously they want to know more. Reading comments on your blog can often be a source of inspiration for new content. Your readers won’t hold back about their thoughts on the topic or their opinion in general. By going through your blog comments, you will occasionally find one that will give you inspiration.


Check out what you share on Twitter. See which of your tweets gets re-tweeted more often and turn them in a conversation. Other than urging fans to retweet for engagement, they retweet the content that interests them the most!

3. Facebook Insights

Just as you see which one of your tweets gets the most action, you can do the same on Facebook. Through insights, you can easily find the updates with the most feedback.

 4. Ask Questions

Finally, Ask questions! Go straight to your community and ask them what they want to see or hear about. Pushing products in all your posts or tweets isn’t a conversation. Your audience will grow tired of it. Loosen up and ask general questions. Show them you want to hear from them.

Other creative ways of gathering information from your audience include the use of Quora and  Foursquare tips. Go straight to where the questions are, Quora, which is a great site that aggregates questions and answers by the collaboration of its users. Foursquare tips allow users to suggest things to try or do at venues. See what tips are left and turn that into something that your community talks about.

These are just some of the ways to get content ideas from your existing audience. Beyond content, it’s a great way to get feedback about your brand. As pointed out by a social media genius (you know who you are), “Social media is like the world’s biggest focus group.” And she’s right! Social media allows you to ask people about their perception, attitude, and opinions about your product, concept, service, or idea.  You have what you need to engage more with the people you’re trying to have a conversation with.

Do you know of other ways to gather ideas from fans and followers? Share your thoughts in the comments