Facebook Gestures and What They Mean for Brands

By Claudia Titolo For a little over a year, marketers and brands have had one main focus. Getting those likes! What so many marketers have emphasized is that a “like” isn’t everything. There’s more to social media and Facebook. Well, it looks like Facebook agrees. That's why they’re allowing for new “actions” to be taken.

Spotify has an amazing tie in with Facebook. Once you connect your account to Facebook, you can see what your friends are listening to, your friends can see what you’re listening to and even listen to that song from your update! It’s pretty amazing.

8th Bridge is already taking this to a whole new level. Instead of liking something that you want or that you’ve bought, you will now be able to “own” or “want” an item, you can even show that you are still “shopping” for something.

The Washington Post has gotten in on the fun too! With their Social Reader, users can let others know that they "read" an article.

What does this all mean?

This is creating a more interactive experience on Facebook. Just because you watched a video, that doesn’t mean that you “like” it. It allows for users to interact with a brand in a more realistic way. It also allows actions to become more noticeable. Every time a user interacts with an app and takes an action, it will show up on the new “ticker”.

What’s the difference between what we were seeing on the newsfeed and what we’ll now see on the ticker? Well, the newsfeed wasn’t showing everything that your friends were doing. It was only showing what Facebook thought was the most relevant to you. The ticker allows users to see what their friends are doing in real time. Meaning an action from your app will have a better chance of being seen!

What does this mean for brands?

Creating an app will allow for any action to exist. If you’re a publishing company, create an app that allows users to take action if they’ve “read” one of your books. If you’re a food company, create an app that allows users to take action if they just “cooked” one of your recipes. The opportunities are endless, so get creative!

Of course, not all apps are going to be as huge as Spotify, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be successful! Get creative! Look for opportunities to partner with already existing apps or games. For example, be the only flower company that a Sims character can give to their special someone. Every time the player chooses to give their loved one a flower, that action will show up in the ticker!

What are some actions you want to see on Facebook?