Get to Know StumbleUpon

By Alana Brooks If you're like me, you remember using StumbleUpon to help promote your own work; you could use their URL shortener (,anyone?) and you'd get tons of traffic to your blog or Website just by shortening a link! Though it was fun to push the stumble button, I found myself gravitating to other social sites to find new Websites and news updates. I relied on my favorite blogs to direct me to other blogs and looked to Twitter almost exclusively for news. It was only when my Buzz Builder, Chris, was tasked to find an interesting social media article to share with a client and came back with this gem from All Facebook, that I started to reconsider:

"StatCounter Global Stats shows StumbleUpon taking a roughly 20 percentage point lead over Facebook in sending traffic to U.S. websites only during the last month, but globally Facebook’s has almost three times that lead over StumbleUpon."

Sure, it wasn't global social media domination, but it certainly peaked my interest. Now that StumbleUpon has surpassed 25 Billion clicks, it's on the top of everyone's minds.

If you're a brand or marketing agency, here's why you need to start using StumbleUpon:

1. It's free: for users, at least, which probably plays a part in why it's gotten so big.

2. It generates new fans: while sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc allow you to publish content that can be viewed by people who already like and know your brand, StumbleUpon is a discovery tool. Its main purpose it to "reach over 15 million people who are actively seeking to discover new, interesting information," so you're bound to attract new people.

3. It's highly targeted: it takes into account the things you like (as well as those you don't!), and provides you with new content based on your preferences. Plus, your preferences are constantly being updated as you continue to  rate, use and review different sites. It also takes into account your friends' preferences, and those of other stumblers with similar taste.

4. It's got lots of options: from widgets to embed on your blog, to URL shorteners that do more than just shorten your link, to special badges that entice existing fans to share your content to paid discovery, there are tons of ways to make StumbleUpon work for you.

5. It's cheap, unique advertising: unlike traditional banner or social ads, Paid Discovery takes people who would be interested in your offering (based on the interests they've shared and previous stumbles) directly to your page, without requiring them to first click on an ad. Plus, plans start at just $0.05 per visit, no bidding required.

Do you stumble? If so, have you tried it for business purposes yet and what types of results have you seen?