Increase Interactivity On Your Facebook Fan Page

By Rodney Hazard  Facebook is becoming a platform for great interactive design. By adding some simple essentials to your page, you can increase communication with Facebook users. Using the advice below you can upgrade your Facebook fan page design to something that’s user friendly:

Have a strong call to action:

There’s plenty of ways to get a user to “like” your page. Your “non-fan” will either yawn or be wowed within the first two seconds they arrive to your page. You need to give them some incentive to want to enter and view your content. Here are some ways to “wow” a viewer from a design perspective.

Create a “reveal” tab that leads the user to “like” your page to view more content:

This is one of the most engaging tools to use in my experience. This can be the moment where you spark the viewers interest and turn a "non-fan" into a dedicated fan.

Include some copy about who you are/represent that will grab a viewers attention:

Try to keep it as concise as possible. There is no need to have a short story as an introduction.

Give your user a visual to play with:

Whether it’s a video or a slideshow providing images/information from your company, the average user will always be drawn to something essentially cleaner.

For example, a page that is pretty text heavy presents content in a way that will lose a viewer’s attention. Simplify your point in a few lines and break it up so you can create and add some fresh elements:


Everyone loves to watch them, the best part is that they are becoming easier to create and they are a great medium to replace long copy.


These are great as well, they present a very concise way to show a company's services/products through the combination of image and text.

Keep it short and simple:

If you’re going to load your tab with a lot of information, keep it neat. Facebook tabs are designed to a fix width [520px] but can vary in length. The only issue with the variety of length is, some tab designs end up very long and require a good amount of scrolling. Keep it short and simple like the tabs below:

Link your fans to other social sites:

Increase your traffic to other social sites by giving the user the option to follow your page on twitter, linkedin, etc.

I hope this is helpful to you guys who use Facebook in such a way. Have more examples of great Facebook page design? Feel free to add on in the comment box below.


Thanks! rH