Three "Likeable" Facebook Updates

By Lauren Sleeper We're all looking for ways to make our brands and personal brand more likeable--and if you're a marketer, this holds especially true on Facebook.  Facebook recently released three very likeable updates to their platform that further the customization options for your news feed, allow you to champion the businesses in your area to your friends, and also see what other fans of brands are drawn to.


Starting yesterday, Facebook began rolling out the Subscribe button to individual's profiles.  Until this point, control over what you see in your News Feed was not custom-friendly; you could block or defriend brands and people, but there was no customization options beyond that.  The Subscribe buttons brings a level of customization and control to the News Feed that has never been seen before.  With this button, you can control the posts you see in your news feed from friends, based on the following levels: All, Most, or Important Updates Only.  In addition, you are also able to selecet what types of posts you'd like to see: Photos/Videos, Life Events, Status Updates, and Games.   A big change that the Subscribe buttons also brings is that you are now able to "follow" (think Twitter model) people that you are not friends.  By following someone you are not connected to, you will be able to view and interact with their public updates--and filter them in the same manner you would with friends.  If you want to allow your own "subscribers" to follow you, you can add this option on the Subscription page. In a similar fashion to Twitter, once again, you will be able to view who subscribes to your public updates on your profile.


Another very Likeable Facebook update is the new prompt to recommend pages, following a 'like.'  While this feature appears to only be available on local businesses, it's a great incentive for fans of a business to give a further endorsement--essentially a reason behind their like.

The recommendations that you write will appear on your own wall, on the right hand side of the business' page, and of course in the News Feed of your friends (and now potentially followers!).   A huge benefit to business pages is obviously the front and center, public display of recommendations directly from customers.  Word of mouth marketing at it's finest!


The Share function on Facebook has also seen an upgrade, which is exciting for both brands and individuals.  While the Share button itself is not new, the visibility of who was sharing posts from a brand side was non-existent on the wall.  With the option to now view shares, marketers and brands can much more easily track directly from the wall what posts are being shared, how many people are sharing them, and ultimately learn what content resonates best with their fans.  As an individual, brands will now be able to identify you as a passionate fan based on how often and what you share.  In addition, individuals can now track which of their friends  share their public videos and links directly from their wall.

 What do you think of the new Facebook updates? Will you be allowing non-friends to subscribe to your public posts?  Share with us in the comments!