Three Predictions for Facebook Pages

By Brian Murray Last Thursday at the Facebook Developers Conference, f8, there were many great things introduced but each new product was user based. From the incorporation of the Ticker to the the brand new Timeline replacing the user profile, these changes are ushering in a new Facebook that will further Mark Zuckerberg's dream of a more open world. Noticeably absent from the hoopla was any mention of Facebook Pages. After following Facebook from the beginning here are a few predictions that I have!

Low Hanging Fruit

A few days ago I tweeted a quick prediction about the change in the homepage and newsfeed. That prediction was that people will complain about the changes and then their use of Facebook will increase. In the short term I've certainly seen more people complaining (On Facebook) via status messages. If users are using Facebook more then there are more eyeballs for advertisers.

The other interesting aspect has been the rise in the importance of media within the newsfeed. Brands will have to consider what media they are sharing as it will certainly garner more views. This will ultimately lead to greater use of applications which I will discuss later!

Long Term Predictions about Facebook Pages:

Cover Photo:

Facebook has recently followed the trend of making a change for users and then making a similar change sometime after to pages. I predict that Facebook Pages will get this ability and that it will become a huge part of both branding and storytelling. The above is a screenshot of Sean Parker's current cover photo. This is how I envision it being used by some brands! Brands will no longer need to manipulate the five photos at the top of their page. They can get their creative team to make an amazing graphic to capture the attention of fans and tell the story of their brand!

The Importance of Storytelling:

Many talk about the importance of being human and of storytelling for brands. I predict that brands will also have some form of the timeline that will drive a new era in storytelling. Imagine being able to tell the story of your company from the beginning to the current moment through sharing media and tidbits? This will cause brands to have to think ahead and more effectively and strategically plan what they share. Storytelling is an art and I believe many great brands will take this as a challenge to rise to the top! The best brands will embrace this opportunity as a way to showcase the people that make up their organization.


Greater Emphasis on Applications:

Facebook has again changed the way brands and marketers will communicate with consumers. Going forward brands will use applications to spread their message and create awareness, in addition to creating great content. The Open Graph platform has already lead to greater shareability and discovery with music. I believe that in the future companies will create applications that can have just as big of an impact with such things as running shoes or flash sales.


What are your thoughts on the future of Facebook Pages? Do you think my predictions will come true or do you have a different vision? Let me know in the comments!