We "Like" Learning!

By Allie Herzog Please forgive the late-afternoon post folks!  Myself and the rest of the Likeable team have been deep in the trenches at our Likeable Boston office in our second bi-annual Likeable Learning Labs.  What is a Learning Lab you ask?

It's a comprehensive training to re-enforce our core values (Driven, Passionate, Transparent, Thought Leaders) and to keep our staff primed on the ever-changing world of social media as well as the ever-changing landscape of our growing start up company.

Recently we were all asked by our COO to describe the corporate culture at Likeable in a few words.

Here are a few of the responses our team came up with:

Family, Fanatical, Passionate, Driven, Dynamic, Motivated, Influential, Awesome, Inspiring, Adaptable and Indescribable.  One of the most interesting words someone used was "Learning."

According to Wikipedia, a Learning Organization is the term given to a company that facilitates the learning of its members and continuously transforms itself. Learning organizations develop as a result of the pressures facing modern organizations and enables them to remain competitive in the business environment. A learning organization has five main features; systems thinking, personal mastery, mental models, shared vision and team learning.

By this definition, Likeable Media can definitely be considered a Learning Organization.

Do you know of any other Learning Organizations?  Share your thoughts on Learning Organizations in the comments below!