Can You Inspire Your Customers To Share Their Stories?

By Dave Kerpen

Hey everyone, welcome back to Watch Me Wednesdays!  Today I want to talk about how important it is to get your customers to share their stories.  Likeable Media began as a word-of-mouth marketing firm, and we learned that the most important thing is not you talking about your own company, but listening to what your customers have to say.

My favorite example of this is the "I Love Mary @ McDonald's" Facebook group from Chandler, Arizona.  This group was started by an actual customer, DeLynne Lucus Bock, for a single employee at a McDonald's restaurant in Chandler, and the group now contains over 1,300 people.  We're talking about a global, multibillion dollar company that has a local, customer-based group where users actively post comments and pictures about how much they love a single employee.

Who is your "Mary" and your "DeLynne Lucus Bock?" How can you find your customers who are willing to share their stories with you through social media to grow buzz about your company? Share your examples of great, customer-inspired storytelling, and have a #likeable day!