Boo! Social Media Tactics That May Scare Away Business

By Cara Friedman Now is the time of year where kids tell spooky stories, dress up like monsters, and enjoy all things scary! While this may be fun for kids, it is not the most fun for businesses. Everyone in the business world has heard horror stories of companies not using social media correctly. If you want to avoid scaring away business, try not to avoid these spooky business tactics often seen in social media:

Being a Ghost

When a person writes on your fan page or tweets at your company (whether positive or negative) you should always respond. Ignoring your fans and followers makes you a ghost in the social space. The more you try to ignore your fans, the louder they will get. Scarily enough, 70% of companies ignore customer complaints on Twitter. Unfortunately, this doesn't make them go away! Make sure your brand is listening and responding!

The Rude Monster

Ever heard of the saying the customer is always right? Well, that saying is still true. Never get defensive or rude at a customer in the social space. Not only are you being rude to this individual, but you are also broadcasting  your bad attitude to the rest of the world! This seems like an obvious one right? Well, sadly enough I have seen it done and it is not pretty! Check out this example with Nestle to see what I mean.

Blood Sucking Salesman

Your social media is a place to build a community, engage with your fans, and share great content. It is not a place for you to be constantly promoting your own products! There is nothing more tempting than having access to 800 million people who could potentially buy your product, but the realities are that nobody will be interested in your brand if you are constantly promoting yourself. Dan Seitz of uproxx wrote a great article on how to promote yourself on Facebook without making everyone hate you. I suggest you check out these tips before turning into a blood sucking salesman.

Need a straight jacket?

The reality is that more than one person may be posting on or monitoring your social networks. However, you have to remember that you are still one brand, with one voice. Multiple people leads to the risk of multiple voices and that can make your brand look... well, crazy! It is important to have well trained individuals in control of your brands social networks. Always remember that you are speaking as your brand, not as yourself!

What do you think are some of the scariest social media techniques? Share them in the comments below!