Everybody's Talkin' 'Bout It: Deciphering the New Facebook Insights

By Allie Herzog By now you've probably noticed that Facebook has yet again, changed something! No not timelines, the ticker, or top stories,this blog is all about the shiny new Facebook Insights and metrics.  Data nerds, you're welcome! 

Talking About This:

So you've seen this new metric beneath your fan count, but do you know what it means?  This number essentially measures the number of interactions made around your brand page.  It includes new likes to the page as well as comments, likes and shares on posts, tags to your page, photos and videos, RSVP's to your events and votes on a question.  It is a seven-day cumulative view and the data seems to be about 2 days behind right now.

Why Should You Care About This?

This new metric proves the theory that us social media folk have been preaching for a while now.  It's not ALL about fan count!  Yes, building your fans is important but looking at how people are interacting and engaging is just as important.  The one issue I see so far is that because this number takes page likes into consideration, it ultimately can be raised through Facebook Ads same as fancount.

Friends of Fans:

Awesome!  This show us the number of people who are friends with your fans, not including them.  This new metric easily let's people see the potential audience they can reach and you can even calculate the average number of friends your fans have by dividing this number by your total fans.  Cool right?


You can now view a series of new metrics on each page post you make. Reach measures the number of unique people who saw your post (as opposed toimpressions which is not unique).  One thing to note is that this number only counts the first 28 days after a post is published.

Engaged Users:

This new metric measures the unique number of people who have engaged with your post.  This number differs from interactions (likes and comments) because it refers to any click on the post.  Again, it only measures a 28 day period.

These are just a few of the new metrics that Facebook Insights has recently added.  One more note - if you are looking to check these out, don't look on the right hand side of your page where the Old Insights lived - these new Insights live on the left-hand navigation where your tabs are.  They are still only viewable by page admins.

Have you checked out the new Facebook Insights yet?  What is your favorite new metric?  Share with us in the comments!