Get Inside The Mind Of Your iPhone Users

By: Andi Barton Now more than ever, with the seemingly endless hype over the iPhone 4s and iOS 5, it’s essential for you as a brand to take advantage of the iPhone for your social media! If you haven’t already grasped the importance of iPhones in the lives of your customers and fans, now is the time! By getting into the minds of your customers as avid iPhone users, you can see potential new ways to interact, drive traffic, and enhance your brand’s image and overall social media.

As a social media junkie here at Likeable, my recent transition to the iPhone from my beloved Blackberry was long overdue. And now, as I peruse through and get used to my apps and features, it’s come naturally for me to establish a fresh perspective on how companies can and/or should be optimizing their presence on social media for iPhones more specifically.

Here are a few ways in which you could be capitalizing on the recent iPhone hype!

  • Facebook for iPhone!

This should almost be a given. With the major overhaul of the Facebook app for iPhones, you as a brand should absolutely take advantage of the new ease and efficiency of the app. Games and applications work now inside the application! If you have not already been acknowledging the recent emphasis on Facebook apps (especially with the F8 changes), now with the iPhone app improvements, having specialized apps for your Facebook page has huge potential. Give your fans a reason to keep coming back to your page. By allowing further interactive features for your iPhone users, you’ll exponentially increase the probability of retaining these fans as well.

  • Media:

--Starting Instagram-ing!

As an avid picture taker, Instagram was one of the apps I had been drooling for prior to my switch to the iPhone. Not only do I now love the ability to enhance my own personal images- but as a fan and customer, I love the ability to also follow brands on here as well. One example of a brand that I feel is optimizing their Instagram presence is Whole Foods. With enticing images of food and in-store products, they are providing tons of value for their followers. I am not only inspired to visit their store, but I also want to experiment with lots of different ways to prepare foods so I can mimic their appealing presentations. This is just one of many examples of how companies, if you have not already, can start increasing Instagram efforts to get their fans more involved in their inner workings, while leading to action and traffic.

--Twitter Integration

iPhone users are excited for the further integration of Twitter. As a brand, take advantage of the fact that iPhone users have much more ease and accessibility to share images and links to Twitter. With the hype and excitement, give your fans a reason to use it! Implement a photo contest! Experiment around with different ways to give your followers a reason to engage more with your Twitter through media.


Similar to the ease of sharing through the Twitter Integration, SocialCam is just one example of an app through which iPhone users can alter and enhance videos to share. Through SocialCam, users can share directly to Facebook and Twitter, so similar to the reasoning for taking advantage of Twitter more recently for photo sharing, keep in mind as well that fun apps like SocialCam exist where users are editing and stylizing personal clips. Give them the option to share their videos on your page! Check out's recent video contest Sweet vs. Saucy- a great example of implementing video contests where iPhone users could utilize their video editing apps to then share.

  • Get On The App Train!

Embarrassingly enough, I’ll admit to recently downloading a game entailing a boat of guinea pigs sailing down a river that Geico advertised in a commercial. How does this relate to car insurance? No idea. Am I even a Geico customer? Nope. However this is just an example of how Geico is taking advantage of the experimental iPhone users like myself. Which then has led to my further interest in what else they are doing that's media related. So take a risk with your brand!

Whether it be games, apps to mimic your welcome tab, creating a directory of products/images/resources, dedicated fans are searching to find new ways to get involved with their favorite brands. Give your crazed iPhone users multiple means of interaction!

  • Foursquare:  "Radar" is a new iOS 5 feature that runs in the background of the iPhone. It will notify users when they're geographically near places on Foursquare lists. As a brand, getting your deals and locations on Foursquare is just as important as always. But now, with iPhone users' increased awareness of local spots through Radar, you can make sure your customers and potential customers are actively reminded to come check-in!
Aside from the above suggestions and reminders, there are clearly additional ways to maintain awareness of how your iPhone users can be interacting with your brand. Don't forget about the ever popular QR codes, and popular apps like Scvngr and LevelUp. So to sum up, take advantage of the new wave of iPhone users who now more than ever seeking these fun interactive features! Continuously place yourself in the eyes of your iPhone fanatic fans!
How have you been able to effectively incorporate iPhone apps into your marketing efforts? Share your thoughts in the comments below!