LinkedIn: Welcome To The Content Party!

By Timmy Bosch  

Last April, LinkedIn introduced the Company Follow feature, offering businesses an opportunity to interact with their audience.  However, company pages were frozen and un-engaging. There was no compelling reason to follow a company, unless you were already affiliated with them in some way. Without a communications flow, these pages struggled to find ways to earn a community of engaged followers. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, where you can regularly offer fresh content, LinkedIn did not provide a way to directly communicate with its followers

Now for the game changer: LinkedIn announced earlier this month that company pages can post status updates, giving businesses the freedom to deliver content to its followers, much like Facebook. Companies can now post 500-word status updates, distribute links and interact with their followers.  Company page admins can now effectively include LinkedIn as a tool in their content distribution strategy.

LinkedIn’s role in the social media landscape has a clear advantage over other networks. Unlike Facebook and Twitter where people are primarily interacting with their friends, on LinkedIn people are much more willing to interact with businesses and professionals. In addition, material that is posted on LinkedIn tends to be perceived as more legitimate because of the professional nature of LinkedIn. Therefore, LinkedIn is already primed for companies to start sharing relevant content.

Brands now have a responsibility, especially those in the B2B space, to begin deploying useful content to their followers. I still see many companies not taking advantage of this new tool. The people who are following your company may have forgotten that they even follow you because of the lack of new content. It’s time to remind them why they follow you, and give them sharable information. You may start to see some growth, engagement and recommendations on your company page. Although this feature means more work for us in community management, I am excited and motivated to go to work on a more feasable LinkedIn strategy.


What is your take on LinkedIn’s new company page status updates?