Who Really Is On Twitter, And Why You Should Be Too

  By: Nicole Mastrangelo

When I started my Twitter account back in early 2010,  the only people I followed were the members of my favorite band and other Likeable employees. Now that I’ve been tweeting for close to two years, my follower count includes thought leaders, brands that I value, and a multitude of friends and family. Already, the number of new Twitter users has grown to over 100 million and continues to expand every day. More and more people, companies, and brands are joining Twitter to become a part of the Social Media microcosm. Twitter is no longer just another way to update your status (which, let’s face it, is one of the best parts of Twitter)- the game is changing and our knowledge of who exactly is on Twitter needs to be updated.  There are tons of new people on Twitter who are ready to interact and we need to take advantage!

Although the number of Twitter users changes by the thousands everyday, the latest estimates tell us that the extent of people tweeting reaches into the 300 million range.   Even more interesting- according to a study done by the Pew Research Center earlier this year, the people using Twitter can be defined by a few distinctive percentages of all adult Internet users:

Gender10% Male vs. 9% Female.

Age14% 18-29 , 7% 30-49 , 6% 50-64 , 4% 65+

Ethnicity18% Hispanic , 13% Black, Non-Hispanic , 5% White, Non-    Hispanic

 Household Income10% <$30,000 , 6% $30,000-$49,999 , 10% $50,000 - $74,999 , 6% $75,000 +

Education Level9% College , 9%  Some College , 5% High School Diploma

Geography11%  Urban , 8%  Suburban , 5% Rural

* All estimates from ViralBlog Infographic

What exactly does this tell us? We all know that with over 750 million active users, your customers are definitely on Facebook. However, it’s becoming rapidly clear that they’re getting on Twitter as well- and fast.

So why are all of these people actually on Twitter? Almost all of the categories listed below prove that people aren’t just listening, they are actively engaging, talking, and sharing to their followers.

How We Use Twitter72% Post personal updates, 62% Post work updates, 55% Share links to news stories, 54% Post general life observations, 53% Retweet others, 52% Send direct messages, 40% Share photos, 28% Share videos, 24% Tweet location

How Often We Check It24% Check tweets several times a day, 12% Once a day, 5% 3-5 days per week, 12% 1-2 days per week, 7% Every few weeks, 20% Less often, 21% Never

Why We Use Twitter: 82% Keep in touch with friends, 57% Post status updates, 52% Find News, 45% Work Related, 18% For Research, 9% Other

*All estimates from BuySellAds.com Infographic

Twitter is a real player in the Social Media game these days, and we simply cannot ignore Twitter users when targeting our resources. There are Twitter users online everyday who are open and ready to engage in conversation with you and your clients. Even the users with the “small” follower counts are excited to talk with a brand about something they have a passion for. Try engaging in that passion with an open conversation, because there are plenty of Twitter users ready to tweet right back!

What demographic do you usually target on Twitter? Do you have any predictions about demographic changes for Twitter in 2012?