Get Social on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

By Dean Opriasa Black Friday, the annual shopping bonanza is just one week away! And it is followed by the equally anticipated Cyber Monday! Black Friday offers profitable savings to attract customers to go to stores and start buying for the holidays. Cyber Monday has quickly become as well-known as Black Friday because of the convenience of finding everything on your list and purchasing with the click of a button.

For marketers, Black Friday and Cyber Monday provide countless opportunities to drive traffic to your website and possibly increase online and in-store sales. It’s about that time of year when people are starting to search online for bargains. It’s the perfect time for brands to leverage social media and other tools to turn “window shoppers” into actual customers.

To customers, Black Friday is the shopping day of the year and it’s all about being in “the know” and having all the right information. Who is selling what and where? And how much of it do they have? Social media can be the most essential communication tool during this day of marathon shopping. Considering the rise in the use of mobile, customers will surely be on Facebook and Twitter checking out what kinds of specials you share. Promoting your products through Facebook posts and tweets is important. Adding more social elements can result with even better results for your brand and the consumer.

Some major brands are focusing heavily on social promotions. Target’s Black Friday campaign includes a promoted Tweet and a daily Facebook and Twitter giftcard giveaway.

Retail giants such as Target and Walmart are using their Facebook pages to give consumers a preview of sale opportunities that will be available. Walmart is listening to their customers and asking them what they want to see more of. Walmart has recently added a social feature to its  website that allows customers to vote on the must-have toys, with real-time counts.

 It’s easier for big brands to implement such offers, but there are other ways to market your promotions in creative ways with fewer resources.

Here are some suggestions to make you stand out:

Use email socially - A strong call to action in email blasts can make a budget-conscious shopper aware of deals. Plus, you can remind them that sharing a deal with friends is part of getting into the holiday spirit.

Use YouTube- Show videos of best deals and where to find them. Or show videos of product reviews or details. Leverage the power of video to help consumers see your best offers this holiday season.

Use your Facebook page as a shopping destination - Fans will be recommending products and researching gifts during this shopping season. Turn your Facebook tab into a social shopping experience by pulling a product feed onto your tab or offering f-commerce.

Offer exclusive content – It’s all about limited-time offers. A Facebook reveal tab is a great way to encourage fans to unlock special Facebook-only deals.

Use strong calls to action- Use Facebook ads that are targeted to your highest converting audience with strong calls to action. Take advantage of the online frenzy.

Though bargain shoppers are already researching and making notes of what stores to hit up next week, there is still plenty of time to implement some of these tactics to boost sales this holiday season.

What advice would you offer brands this shopping season and which brands do you think are doing a good job? Share your thoughts in the comments