How Can Brands Keep Up With Facebook's Changes?

Hey everybody and welcome back to Watch Me Wednesday! Today I'm coming to you live from the WOMMA Summit with my good friend Ekaterina Walter of Intel. We're talking about all of Facebook's recent changes and what they mean for your social media strategies.

According to Ekaterina, one of the most important keys to continued success through Facebook is to stay on top of current trends through reading different blogs. It is also beneficial to keep track of Facebook's Preferred Developers and what they are doing as they are usually the first to release information and can apply it to their strategies.  A great general goal is to try and develop a relationship to partner with Facebook. This can eventually lead you to receive news early and work with them to shape a strategy that works best for your company (though that may cost you some money).

What do you think? How is your company staying on top of Facebook's changes? Let me know what you think in the comment section!

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