My 'Stache And 3 Ways You Can Fight Prostate Cancer Today

I've been called ridiculous, foolish, ugly, crazy, silly; nearly everything except "devastatingly handsome" for growing out this mustache all month.  So why the heck have been I doing it? I'm proud to say we are participating in Movember.  All of the men at Likeable Media have been growing mustaches, while many of the women have been growing their own, virtual mustaches as well.  Today is the culmination of Movember. Why are we doing this? To fight against prostate cancer and other issues that affect men's health.

There are three ways that you can support our cause and help fight prostate cancer with us today:

  • We're hosting a 'Stache Bash in Boston tonight, so if you're in the Boston area, please come on out.  There are tons of sponsors and lots of food, drinks and entertainment.  The event is listed as sold out, but if you direct message us on Twitter we will throw you on the guest list and get you in.
  • If you're not in the Boston area, you can still support us by donating money to our Movember page.  You can support me personally or the Likeable team in our fight against prostate cancer.
  • Even if you can't come out to Boston tonight or aren't able to donate money to our Movember fund, you can really support us by sharing this video, sharing the links, retweeting us, sharing us on your Facebook or LinkedIn network.  The more we are shared, the more opportunity we have to take advantages of these crazy mustaches and support a good cause.

For the love of God, for my wife, who is very angry about this mustache, and for all those throughout the world fighting prostate cancer, please support us.

Thanks, and have a #Likeable day!