5 Ways to Improve Your Social Strategy Today

By Brian Murray

Last night we had an amazing #LikeableChat where well over 100 people discussed their Social Media Resolutions for 2012. A lot of people spoke about what they did well and what they need to do in the future.

Recap of Questions:

  • What would you like to improve about your social media presence in 2012?
  • How can brands improve their social media presence in 2012?
  • What did you do this year in social media that you will continue to do in 2012?
  • Do you believe social media will become more important in 2012? Why or why not?


Here are some of the common answers from last night that you can start doing today to improve your presence immediately!

Narrow down your audience:

The most important part of using social media is to figure out what you are looking to do. Successful brands don't just tweet. You must decide who you are trying to reach in order to set your strategy. Find the platform that your audience is on and then figure out what they want to see.

Develop content in advance:

I often here people say they don't have the time to create content in regular intervals. That's why you must plan in advance and develop the majority of your content prior to posting. Obviously, you can change what you are posting day of, but having something ready certainly makes it easier. When you have the majority of your content set up it can make the other days much more fun! Always be flexible though and if you can be relevant, that is preferred!

Integrate offline:

Don't just tweet. Don't just hang signs. Hang signs with your Twitter handle. Don't assume that people will search for you. Make it easy for them. Use a vanity URL on Facebook, share your @Username, or tell people how to find you on Google+ to make it really simple to connect!

Use media:

I have personally seen the results of sharing media work with tons of our clients. For example, a brand may occasionally share love quotes. They may also share pictures of their products (which people love!). Guess what happens when you share something with both! People love pictures or video, so find something that is relevant to your brand and your fans. They will "like" it!

Listen to your fans:

For platforms like Facebook which have deep analytics, use these numbers to figure out what they like. If you see spikes in traffic or engagement with certain types of content, repeat it! Ask questions and outwardly ask your fans for comments. Respond and when applicable take action!

What are your resolutions for 2012? Do you have any additional tips to improve a social strategy?


#LikeableChat is on a 2 week hiatus but will be back on January 8th! Make sure to join us then! To learn more read here:  http://bit.ly/rmEAaw,http://bit.ly/oDl3fD, & http://bit.ly/n1Uh6B