Don't Stop Your Social Just Because It's the Holidays - 5 Reasons Why

By Megan McMahon Santa never sleeps. Neither does social media. We’re in the day and age where social is king and it’s where everyone is turning whether it’s 1 PM or 1 AM, a regular work day or the biggest holiday of the year. Stopping your social media efforts just because it’s the holidays is a big no-no and could end up hurting your brand. Here’s why:

1. Customer Service Issues! You may not want to admit it but sometimes customer service issues happen at the most inconvenient times and unfortunately someone needs to be there to help out customers, no matter when it is. Even the smallest issue can escalate fast if it’s not dealt with right away and over a holiday where customer service needs to be on point, your brand cannot drop the ball. Be there for your customers during the holidays and surprise them with a response if they’re unhappy on Christmas Eve.

2. People are stressed, they need somewhere to vent… …and no better place to do that then on your Facebook page! Similar to customer service issues that need to be handled when it’s Christmas, tons of people are stressed out over holiday shopping, dealing with family, cleaning the house, and cooking dinner. Your customers are sensitive during the holidays and you need to be aware of that. Don’t make them madder by not responding to them for a week. Ease their stress by being prompt and friendly with angry posters and tweeters over the holidays.

3. Last minute shoppers! Here’s your chance to catch the eye of those who decide to shop at the very last minute for all their Christmas gifts. Unique posts and tweets can sway the person running out to the mall at the very last second to buy your product. With your brand at the top of their mind when they’re out with the rest of the last minuters can only help your sales in a good way the last few days of the holiday season.

4. Opportunity to showcase your gifts under the tree! Nothing is better than raving fans and there is no better time to tap into these raving fans than right after Christmas morning. Encouraging your new fans to post pictures and stories about their new Christmas gifts will create brand awareness and leave fans with a warm fuzzy feeling about your products. Being there on Christmas Day for your newly acquired fans can mold them into customers for life, just because you were there when they were feeling great about your brand.

5. Everyone WILL be on social media. Whether you work in social media or not, everyone will be constantly checking their social networks during the holidays. Maybe it will be during that awkward conversation with distant relatives or maybe it will be because they’re bored during their vacation but nonetheless, this is the chance for your brand to keep posting and tweeting. The fact that everyone will check their Facebook and Twitter on a consistent basis during the holidays is the opportunity for your brand to be there to help them if they need it and make everyone aware that your brand is there during a time when most would expect you not to be.

How will you be handling your brand’s social media during the holidays? Let me know in the comments and happy holidays!