Looking for Something to Do? Follow Your Schemes with Schemer

It’s Friday night, and you’re asking yourself the same tired question, “What should I do?” Of course after perusing social networks, which inevitably ends with Facebook stalking or laughing at your favorite Twitter personality’s tweets, you’re still left with nothing to do. Well, a team of  Google engineers have your answer with their newly launched invite-only beta, Schemer.
I'm usually enthusiastic yet apprehensive about new social media based platforms. Meaning I get very excited by their release then become quickly disappointed, see Path. So as any social media enthusiast I took my chances and accepted my invitation to Schemer.
Of course I immediately took to their casual and hip design, not to mention their icon is a mustache. Once I created my profile, that was an extension of my Google+ profile I decided it was time to find some things to do. I didn’t know exactly where to start but Schemer made it easy by recommending schemes, including Start A Company, Be Part of a Flash Mob, and Go to Bed Before Midnight. I immediately questioned how Schemer knew me so well. After clicking on a certain topic you can choose whether you “Want to do it” or “Have done it” and then join the conversation.
Intrigued, I continued exploring. And the possibilities were endless. I could Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge, Blog Regularly, or Eat a Slice of New York Pizza in New York. There was a sense of camaraderie, that ensured me a partner in crime for any adventure I decided to partake. For almost this reason alone, aside from the lack of a ‘Check In’ function, Schemer is set apart from seemingly similar platforms such as Foursquare. Instead of telling all of my friends that I am doing something, I can tell my friends I want to do something.


My next question was then, “What does this offer for brands?” Schemer had my answer. In the sites “About” section they mention their partnering with celebrities and media producers for content. Food Network, Bravo, and Zagat, are just a few that feature their own brand pages. Through Schemer brands can scheme events, products, and places related to their core interests. Genius. This means I can see what my friends feel like doing, or what events my favorite brands are promoting, all before I even walk out the door.

With an Android app available already, and an iPhone app “coming soon” I am interested follow the direction of Schemer in the future, especially after it moves out of beta.

What would you scheme up? Share your thoughts and comments!