Sharing Your Social Stories: Who's Your Mary?

One source of great stories is the staff at your company. Maybe it’s a senior executive, or maybe it’s someone in the mailroom. It could be someone who worked her way up while going back to school and raising a family. Someone who works for you overcame adversity in his personal life to become a productive member of your team. A staff person who always has a smile on her face when serving customers is a story in itself as well. Maybe it’s all of the above. Your organization, no matter what you sell or service you offer, has people behind it, and each person has a story to tell. You need to find the compelling stories and share them – through social media. In August of 2009, a Facebook fan group popped up entitled “I Love Mary @ McDonalds / Chandler.”

The group featured the description “Mary works at McDonalds and is the sweetest EVER!” and a picture of Mary. Dozens of wall posts, and over 1,400 fans later, the group is still going strong, with comments such as, “I just met Mary today! Yep, she is everything everyone says. She complimented my eyes. What a woman. I wish everyone was like her.”

Who's your Mary? And who are your customers that will share their stories about your Mary?