How Social Media Resembles a High School Dance

By: Jamey Brown We all knew those people at the high school dance who sat in the dark corners of the gymnasium twiddling their fingers and pacing awkwardly - let’s get real, some of us were those people. I know, at times, I was one of them. But what was the distinguishing factor between those people and the people on the dance floor? The answer is engagement! The people on the sidelines of the dance never truly engaged with the others - they never brought what they had to the table. This can also be applied to the world of social media... Communicating with others through social networks enables us to show our true colors - it gives us another platform to really "cut a rug" on, metaphorically speaking. With this in mind, there are two social networks that resemble the classic slow dance, and the lively fast dance:

Facebook: Now don’t get me wrong, it is important to interact with others in a social community in a timely manner, BUT Facebook allows a user to really collect their thoughts and submit a lengthy, well thought out engaging comment.

Twitter: This dance is much faster. The engagement is shorter, quicker and much more concise. We are basically doing a social media salsa - interacting quickly and moving at light speed.  

But one must remember, if they get on the social dance floor they can’t lose THEIR voice. Just because we are socially interacting does not mean we have to lose sight of who we truly are. Be genuine. Be true. Be transparent. If one remembers to incorporate these aspects while engaging on the dance floor, they will find themselves interacting with people or groups that are truly suited best for them.

So, go get on the social dance floor - and when you’re out there be yourself and see who all you can interact with.

How often do you engage with others in your social communities? What are you favorite social networks to "dance" on?