The Top 5 Top Lists of 2011

By Christine Varriale As we take a look back at the year of 2011, we realize, so has everyone else. Instead of bringing you another list of top favorites from the year, why don't we provide you with some other great lists found all over the wonderful place called, "The Internet." To start you on your journey back through 2011, watch this amazing video Google Zeitgeist put out for 2011 in review.

1.  Top 10 Trending Topics on Twitter

You probably won’t be surprised to see what landed at number one for the top buzzed-about topic on Twitter. Hint: he has a site dedicated to girls who look like him.

The Descendents2.  Roger Ebert’s Top Films of 2011

After all of these years, Roger Ebert is still the cream of the crop when it comes to film criticism. I live by his recommendations, because he not only pays attention to the American films that come out throughout the year, but the important foreign films that sometimes get over-looked by mainstream American media. These are tales of social struggle in societies that are much different from our own and can show us what life was really like in 2011 around the globe.

3.  Know Your Meme’s Top 10 Memes of 2011

What would the internet be without people taking hilarious instances found on the internet and multiplying them by the thousands, or in Rebecca Black’s case, millions. Some of Likeable’s favorites from the year are Rebecca Black, planking and #firstworldproblems.

4.  Pitchfork’s Top 50 Albums of the Year

Pitchfork's list seamlessly presents some of the best underground and mainstream albums that came out in 2011. Bon Iver’s self-titled is exactly where it should be: number one. Between their album and all of the gorgeously produced videos to go with each track, Bon Iver is on top of the music scene right now. With friends like Kanye West, Bon Iver’s mastermind Justin Vernon is going places in 2012.

Facebook iPhone App5.  Best Social iPhone Apps from TIME

What’s better than social media? Social media on the go, of course! For those of you like us at Likeable who check into Foursquare, send it to Twitter and upload photos from the night to Facebook, check out this list of the most social apps for 2011. My one question is, who still uses AIM these days?

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Did you have a favorite of the year not in any of these lists? Share with us your top moments of 2011 below!