Top 4 Breaking News Stories the World Saw on Twitter First

By Carrie Tylawsky



If Twitter has shown us anything over the past year, it is that our consumption of news has completely changed. “Breaking news” has changed from minutes to nano-seconds. It’s gotten to the point that news articles are updated in real time with 140 character statuses. Looking back over the past year, there are dozens of stories that were seen on Twitter first, but here are a choice few.

1. Dr. Conrad Murray’s Conviction: Only two years ago Michael Jackson’s death spread like wildfire over Facebook. At the time it was astonishing how quickly people tuned in and shared.  On November 29th, there was barely even enough time to hear the judge’s entire decision before it blew up all over the Twitterverse.

2. Amanda Knox Trial: For the thousands of people following this trial, Twitter offered not only an immediate news outlet but also a place to share their own excitement over the decision. Twitter streams were flooded with positive sentiment over Knox's release and well wishing from all of those that had tuned in to see the verdict.

3. East Coast Earthquake: This is one of my favorite examples, mostly because of the hilarity of the commercial that Twitter put together soon after - see it here. When the staff at Likeable felt the 'quake, the first thing we all did was search our twitter streams for the news that was coming in fast and furious. Pretty soon we were checking into "Earthquakopolypse" on Foursquare and earning the mega swarm badge.

4. Osama Bin Laden: Not only did this news break first on Twitter, but it was reported by someone who didn't even know what they tweeting about. The news came in so fast and furiously that there were over 5,000 tweets per second flooding the streams and rocketing trending topics ahead of everything else.

What news stories would you add to my list? Share with a comment below!