What's Trending in Digital Brand Marketing?

Today I'm joined by my new friend Donnovan Andrews from Rethink Media.  We're talking about next year's biggest trends in digital brand marketing. According to Donnovan, 2012 is going to be the year where video gets serious and starts landing on marketers' radars.  Data platforms and new technology will play a role in targeting in a way we've never seen before.  In the future, we'll see an explosive growth in attention and advertising money being spent on video content.

In fact, when Donnovan and I first met, he was working on a new video platform called Vyou, which allows users to answer each others' questions in real time using video.  He describes the platform as "video meets Twitter," giving the platform another layer of functionality and content distribution.  Vyou expands on the real time sharing concept by adding visuals and sound to the mix.

You can learn more about Donnovan and his upcoming projects at RethinkMedia.com. Thanks, and have a very #likeable day!