Why YOU Should Join The Buzz Builder Team!

By: Andi Barton As the end of the year is approaching, it is that time of the year when new resolutions and goals are brewing in the minds of people all over the world. Although a majority of these resolutions may revolve around areas of their personal lives outside of the office, some very well may be developing their professional aspirations. If you are somebody that is hoping to turn things around in 2012 when it comes to furthering your career and seeking new opportunities, I encourage you to read further into this post as I will tell you why the Buzz Builder program is your best bet!As a Buzz Builder Manager here at Likeable Media, I do currently manage the program, however I did also start out in the Buzz Builder program when I joined the team in the fall of 2010. Having progressed through the program and moved forward here at Likeable, I can personally attest to the overall value of the program from an internal, external, and managerial perspective. Based on my knowledge of, and passion for the Buzz Builder program, here are some reasons why you should consider taking on this role as well!

Not Your Typical Internship

We place a lot of emphasis on distinguishing the difference between a “Buzz Builder” and an “intern”. As a Buzz Builder here at Likeable Media, your involvement goes far beyond basic, minimum expectations that you may experience at a typical internship. Your time here at Likeable is anything but typical! You are receiving constant hands-on experience with all aspects of our company. The Buzz Builder program offers 7 different positions you could work as- all dependent on which aspect of Likeable Media and the social media industry you see yourself fitting into best. Specific day-to-day differs across the various Buzz Builder positions; however each is equally as involved and offers you the opportunity to take on as much responsibility as you desire- based on your initiative. Be proactive and you’ll get more out of any internship you experience!

Learn From Experts & Become An Expert!

At Likeable Media, you are surrounded by a team of social media connoisseurs. Each person at Likeable Media is passionate, driven, heavily involved in, up-to-date, and knowledgeable about Social Media Marketing. Like any internship, you learn from your supervisors, managers, team members etc. Here at Likeable, you are constantly interacting with everyone across the company. On a day-to-day basis, when you are interacting with a group of employees who essentially eat, sleep, and breath social media, it becomes inevitable for their passion to rub off on you. You will find as your time as Likeable progresses, so will your knowledge of social media almost unconsciously.

And as you interact and learn from your surrounding team members, you yourself will become an expert to then turn around and share your knowledge. At Likeable media we encourage Thought Leadership. As a Buzz Builder, you will learn how to develop your voice and translate thought leadership into your professional life outside of Likeable. We want you to value the experience you receive here at Likeable, and put your social media knowledge expertise to good use!

Learning Organization

Likeable Media considers itself a Learning Organization. Not only are we still growing and learning as a start-up agency internally, as specialists in the social media industry, it is essential for us to keep up with the ever changing realm. The social media world is an innovative and dynamic industry to work with, and as an organization, we understand the need to be ahead of the game with this. We are constantly seeking the best ways to keep up with these changes and leverage them for our clients and ourselves.

What does this mean for you as a Buzz Builder? You will consistently be taught and trained on the latest and greatest changes in social media. We want every member within Likeable Media to be experts. Therefore, as a Buzz Builder we want you to be equally as up-to-date. You will be working in the industry that’s consistently self-improving and developing, and learning how to keep up with all changes from a business perspective in addition to how to utilize new social media in your personal life.

Dynamic Culture

Correlating with the dynamic nature of the social media industry, our agency culture is equally as dynamic. Each team member at Likeable Media is passionate, driven, and uncontrollably bleeds orange. In order to keep up with the social media environment of fast paced Marketing and innovation, we all enjoy the work-hard-play-hard attitude that comes along with this. Who would deny that being able to develop a career working with Facebook or Twitter is exciting and fun? We want you as a Buzz Builder to recognize the lively atmosphere you will be working in, however understanding at the same time the need to be a strong proactive multitasker in order to be successful.

Develop Your Brand

As mentioned, Likeable Media encourages Thought Leadership. Therefore, we want you to leverage the skills you learn here to further advance your own personal brand. You'll learn valuable ways through which you can brand yourself on social networks, leverage social media for your professional career and build a media related resume!

We have a separate blog for our Buzz Builders, where we provide you the opportunity to write and express your blogging passions! We give you the freedom to blog about any social media related topic and share with the social media world outside of Likeable! We also have a separate twitter account for our Buzz Builders where you can share and tweet! We encourage our Buzz Builders to utilize this tool as a way for them to share their social media expertise and spread further value to all our Likeable followers!

Have I convinced you yet? Be sure to reach out if you’re interested! We are seeking some all-star social media candidates to join our team for the coming Spring and Summer. Do you have what it takes? I want to hear from you! We have opportunities in both our Boston and New York offices. Please reach out to myself  for Boston positions and Brian Murray for NYC opportunities!

What makes you a great candidate for the Buzz Builder Program? Share your thoughts in the comments below!