7 Great Products for Sharing Your Social Passion Online and Off

By Meghan Gargan Every now and then there is a Likeable blog post that demands a follow up!

Last February, my Meg(h)an counterpart wrote about taking your techie passion offline with some socially-inspired products and merchandise. Since then we’ve seen new platforms introduced, old platforms updated and the desire for social integration online and off increasing at a rapid rate. So, it only makes sense that more innovative, fun and somewhat ingenious social merchandising would do the same.

So, without further ado, I present to you the next 7 products to integrate your on and off line social passion!

QR Cuff Links

Formal wear gets social? Yep! With these snazzy QR cuff links send everyone and anyone anywhere on the Interwebs. It’s a great conversation starter and adds a little bit of individually to what otherwise may just be your standard monkey suit.


Facebook Business Cards

Taking advantage of the recently rolled out Timeline, these Facebook inspired business cards created by MOO are a huge hit in the Likeable offices. Drawing from your past cover photos, these cards are completely customizable and even allow you to put a personal quote on the back. Also, did we mention they’re FREE? First 200,000 orders receive free printing AND shipping. Get on it.



Forget the standard heart shaped box chocolates –this Valentine’s Day surprise your significant other with something a little more socially-inspired. iChoclates (from France, so you know they are good) look like an iPad or iPhone and allow you to communicate your love in a social, adorable, and most importantly, delicious way!


Facebook Bed

There are just some days your don’t feel like getting out of bed…and now you may not have too. Introducing the one-stop social shop – The Facebook Bed. Now go from sleeping to sharing in a matter of seconds all from the comfort of your bedroom. For those who have trouble (or disinterest) in disconnecting this may be the perfect furnishing to complete your social world.


Goodnight iPad

If you’re looking for a more modern bed time story your search can stop here. Inspired by the classic Good Night Moon, this book taps into our technology-obsessed culture in a weirdly sweet and comforting way.


Tweet Rings

Ever tweeted something so clever, funny, amusing (you get the picture) that you wish you could tweet it over and over? Now you can carry your most hilarious or inspirational tweets with you all day long with Tweet Rings. Simply connect through Twitter or type in one of your most infamous tweets and show'em off to your friends!



Bring your favorite instagram photos to life with StickyGram. Simply upload your best photos and StickyGram will print them onto magnets for you to plaster all over your fridge. It’s a great way to share your adventures in real life!

How do you celebrate your social passion offline? Share your thoughts in the comments below!