9 Brands That Will Pique Your @Pinterest

By Katie Kearsey Pinterest: the addictive, visually stimulating social network that has taken the web by storm.  It exploded into the list of top ten social networks, reaching almost 4.5 million unique visitors this month.  Pinterest is so alluring because it is “taking the best of social and creating an appealing and visually heavy interface that encourages content exploration, curation and control.”  Brands are starting to recognize the value in being active and engaging on the network, and are seeking ways to innovatively do so by pinning relevant content, holding contests and giveaways, and creating online catalogs.  Still not convinced?  Check out these nine brands that are thriving on Pinterest.

Saveur Magazine.  By specializing in a specific topic – food – Saveur has created a community of gourmet Pinners.  Its boards serve as outlets for true food lovers to explore menu and entertaining ideas, to learn more about products, ingredients, tools and techniques, and to be inspired by cocktail, savory cooking and dessert suggestions.  As a brand, Saveur does an excellent job of driving all pins back to their website, where Pinners can find and engage with even more delicious content.

Matchbook Magazine.  Matchbook is an online lifestyle magazine that has capitalized on Pinterest to expand its community.  Like Whole Foods, they pin images not only from their own magazines, but also from other members in their community.  Their content is drawn from a variety of topics ranging from fashion to art, from animals to interior decorating.

Domestica. Based in Des Moines, Iowa, Domestica sells “super cool home and personal accessories…to help you spruce up your nest and adorn your bod.”  The company is in the process of building an impressive collection of pins with over 60 boards and nearly 2,000 pins, and they’re also in the process of creating a tremendous community with over 2,682 followers.  They like and comment on many other Pinners’ content to increase engagement, and they are also actively following other people and brands.

High Point Market.  High Point Market held an engaging contest in October in which their selected Style Spotters, or trendsetters in the home fashion world, attended the Market, took pictures of their favorite products, and then pinned them to their designated board.  Market attendees could then either like or repin the Style Spotters’ pins for 1 or 2 points respectively.  The Style Spotter who received the most points won a trip to High Point in April, and all of their boards can still be seen here.

Nordstrom. Nordstrom has created a Pinterest online catalog with the hottest products they’re selling this season.  They have also been experimenting with engagement questions, asking followers how they would choose to wear a brand new makeup palette.


Club Monaco. Much like Twitter, Pinterest allows users to tag and categorize their pins with hashtags.  Club Monaco takes advantage of this feature, tagging most of their pins with the hashtag #cultureclub to indicate that they are a great fit for those in their community.

ModCloth.  In addition to pinning and re-pinning a variety of content for their followers, ModCloth has also created a board called “Guest Pinner Gallery,” and I think they’re on to something.  By allowing fans to “guest pin” on their boards, they are providing them with the special opportunity to share with and contribute to a community they love.  Taking this a step further, there is also an opportunity for brands to have notable individuals or celebrities “guest pin” to generate more traffic and more engaged users.

Drake University.  Drake University is one of the first colleges I’ve seen taking advantage of Pinterest.  They have many interesting boards geared toward prospective and current students and alumni.  They pin about topics such as school apparel, room décor ideas, study abroad and even things to do off-campus and around Des Moines.

Minted.  Minted is a website that specializes in design on paper.  They have boards not only for their products, but also for the ideas often closely associated with their products.  For example, they have a handful of boards for weddings, dinner parties and holidays such as Halloween.  They are essentially using Pinterest to support the ideas behind their products, which is what Pinterest Designer and Co-Founder Evan Sharp believes is crucial.  “For most consumer brands, the idea behind your brand makes sense on Pinterest,” he said in an interview with Mashable.

Here are a handful of other brands to keep an eye on: HGTV, West Elm, Bergdorf Goodman, Whole Foods, Real Simple, Martha Stewart, Women's Health, Travel Channel, Williams-Sonoma, The Today Show, Pretzel Crisps, Land’s End Canvas, Celebrations.com, AARP, Nina Garcia, Threadless, and Better Homes and Gardens.

What other brands have you seen that are using Pinterest well? Please share in the comments below, and feel free to share your username, too! You can find me (quite often!) on Pinterest here.

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