Building A Brand “Image” On Tumblr

By Nicole Mastrangelo

Tumblr is a social network somewhere between a Facebook newsfeed, a Twitter stream, and a microblog. With a central focus on imaging and shortened blog write-ups, Tumblr has become a major contender for social media. Tumblr brings visual marketing to a new level with a constant supply of images and graphics that run through the streams of personal profiles across the world. The amount of Tumblr users is steadily increasing, but these numbers are still low enough to enable a more private and personal social media experience. Amongst these individual profiles, users are more accustomed to following their “interests,” or essentially, the brands that they are most interested in. Media and entertainment brands have made strides in building communities on Tumblr. Below are few tips for brands to keep in mind to obtain the best results on Tumblr:

It’s All About the Vision

…Or visuals we should say. With the central number of users on Tumblr being in the teen to twenty-something crowd, the use of pictures, photos and basic imaging tends to be the core content for this site. Tumblr has the essentials that come with a microblog, and that includes the ability to design a page however you would like. Widgets and banners are available for customization on your Tumblr page, and creating a central brand image is a lot easier when you have these applications to work with. Not only should your profile be brand focused, but your posts should also reflect a mainly creative image base.

Use Your Text Sparingly

When text is necessary for a post, it is either shortened to a familiar 140-character length, or else it will be skipped over by most users. This lack of text use can seem like a downfall, especially if your brand is better explained through written work, but there are alternatives you can use. Linking your images, or small amount of text, directly to the source of your website (or other interactive information) can give you the visual Tumblr calls for with all of the information you want to include. You can also try incorporating an infographic with statistics and general info in a creative and mainly graphical format. These visual aspects really help to promote to the tone and culture of sharing on Tumblr and reaching out to the users who are already set up on the site.

Keep it Interactive

While Facebook is all about the “Likes” and Twitter cannot stray too far from the “Retweets,” the success count on Tumblr is all about the “Reblog.” Once you post content from your brand page, your followers can “Like” the post, but what you’re really looking for is for a follower to share your content again; you’re looking for a “Reblog.” Along with the “Reblog” comes the user’s chance to add his/her own comments and additions to the post. With a personal touch, followers can incorporate your content into their personal page theme and increase the outreach to a whole new audience. Running contests, asking questions and sponsoring polls on your page are other quick ways to include your followers as a part of your brand.

For a few more ideas on how to make your brand’s culture an interactive part of your marketing, here are few outstanding examples of Tumblr pages with the right idea: Aldo Footwear, GQ Magazine, Universal Music Group, Bergdorf Goodman

Have you tried to bring your brand into the world of Tumblr? Which content types have you found to be the most interactive throughout this social network?