Get Fit With Social

by: Jamey Brown   Come end of December we all make that same goal: to stay fit. But do we ever think to incorporate this objective with social media? This resolution seems pretty generic, and can sometimes fall by the wayside, but it can flourish with the addition of certain social networks. Here are some examples:

YouTube: Looking to drop 10, 15, maybe 20 pounds? Instead of just doing a couple of crunches here and there, be sure to document all progress that is made...or even unmade. Remember, transparency is key in any social resolution. Update your channel weekly with what has been done, what weight has been lost (or gained) and what is on tap for the next week. YouTube is a fun, visual network, so use it as a tool to help shed the pounds!

Foursquare: We all love to check in - it satisfies our “inner explorer.” Determine a certain number of times you will check into your local gym and stick to it! Think of Foursquare as your proof of purchase - it is the evidence that shows you actually made it to the gym and didn’t hang a right to the burger joint down the street. This will also build loyalty to your fans and followers - and once they see that you are sticking to your goals, they might do the same as well.

MapMyRun: This is a genius network that can help track your run, walk, or gym workout. With over 5.5 million users, MapMyRun is a large network of people looking to stay fit. It allows you to do everything from mapping out a specific running route to counting that day's calories. If you want to keep a close eye on the workout and the calories this is a great social site to use. From meal plans to calorie counters, has a great network of users who can share with each other what exactly they have eaten and exactly what they plan on eating. It also serves as a great network for users to converse about health and dieting tips. Also, has a blog worth reading since it is packed with personal stories, fitness how-to's and healthy ways to keep weight off.

Nike+: Want to really enhance the running experience? Nike+ allows the user to track every metric from their run and log that information into a database that can be shared socially. This information can be shared with friends and they can even compete with you. This is a high caliber tracking system that enhances the workout experience to the max.

With these examples of how social media can enhance your fitness plan, we must remember that transparency is key. If a week is skipped or a pizza is ordered it MUST be told. These networks can help greatly, but they cannot do the work for you. Think of these platforms as new, fun ways to develop a fit and healthy lifestyle.

What social platforms do you use to help stay fit? How often do you incorporate social media into your workout?