Interview with @WishPond: The Future of Social Commerce

In this week’s Watch Me Wednesday, Dave is joined by Ian Cruickshank, Chief Revenue Officer & VP Sales at Wishpond, a social commerce platform.

For a long time, readers of our blog and viewers of WMW know how bullish we have been about Social Commerce and Facebook Commerce. Social tools show excellent potential for allowing people to make their buying easier and more efficient. At the same time, we haven’t seen the results of social commerce quite as vividly as we would have liked. So, what is the future for social commerce?

Social Commerce has been around for about 6 months now. It is understandable that some people would be hesitant about transacting and putting their credit card information on Facebook. It’s something people will have to grow more and more comfortable with. E-commerce can serve as a perfect example. When it emerged, people didn’t start transacting online without reluctance. Now, no company in the world would question the power of e-commerce.

With Social Commerce, you have the ability to bring products into the conversation. This is where Wishpond comes in: “social” consumers can talk about what they like, put things on their wish list, and get excited about products through social networks.

When do you think Social Commerce will become a serious revenue driver to companies?