Leveraging Facebook Data Beyond the Like: Interview with @BostonMike

Today I'm joined by Mike Lewis, VP of Marketing and Sales for Awareness, Inc., in Boston. We have many clients who have accumulated thousands of "likes" on Facebook, but don't know exactly who these people are.  Are they prospects, customers, or random people whose "likes" were purchased through Facebook advertising?

The challenge that companies are facing is trying to find that needle in the haystack: sifting through the "likes" to identify prospects, loyal customers and influencers who drive dales.  Without understanding who your fans are, your engagement and social media strategy cannot be effective.

In many cases, it's not the volume of "likes" but instead having a core group of fans to consistently engage with through social media.  Mike's company uses a variety of methods to pull back the data and see who their clients' true fans are.  One of Awareness' new products, called Facebook Campaign Manager, allows users to quantify and analyze fans' profile information and purchasing behavior.  These analytics can be can used to develop marketing mix, and are especially beneficial in B2B scenarios, and are being used by major organizations including Major League Baseball.

How do you leverage Facebook data beyond the "like" to better understand who it is that likes you on Facebook?